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Your source for practical insights and the latest life-work trends from UKG experts and leaders. Whether you’re an HR team of one or leading a global HCM and workforce management strategy, we’ll help you make smart decisions for your organization and put people first in all you do.

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Life-Work Trends

How to Build a Winning People Strategy

UKG Chief People Officer Pat Wadors shares seven things she's learned about building a winning people strategy while leading 15,000+ people at UKG.
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On Productivity: How to Stop Overthinking to Get Things Done

Learn how to be more productive to improve your organization and its people. 
Life-Work Trends

UKG Aspire: Why a People-Centric Customer Experience is Key

From UKG Aspire, it’s clear that a people-centric customer experience is critical to build lasting partnerships. Here are three ways to put the customer first in 2023.
Life-Work Trends

UKG Aspire: 8 Leaders Reflect on the Future of Work

Workplace leaders share how effective managers, improved employee wellbeing, and a people-first approach are essential for organizational success in 2023.
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What is Performance Enablement? Plus, How It Promotes Internal Mobility

Performance enablement is the next generation of performance management. It focuses on the future and promotes internal mobility to give your employees the recognition and opportunities they deserve.
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Life at UKG

Years of Service Remembered: A Veteran U Krewer’s Story

For Veterans Day and Remembrance Day, a U Krewer shares how his military experience helps him succeed at UKG.
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