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Your source for practical insights and the latest life-work trends from UKG experts and leaders. Whether you’re an HR team of one or leading a global HCM and workforce management strategy, we’ll help you make smart decisions for your organization and put people first in all you do.

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5 Things High-Performing HR Teams Do Differently

Learn five things the highest-performing HR teams at companies around the globe are working on to ensure they meet or exceed their people goals in 2023. 
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Why Creating Purpose at Work Is Key to Retaining Talent

Job seekers and employees today are increasingly focused on finding purpose in what they do. Read how promoting the mission-driven nature of working in the public sector can help educational institutions and government agencies find and retain the best talent in this new world of work.
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Workforce Management

Skills Recency Comes to Workforce Management Systems

Deskless and hourly workers are experiencing massive change — and workforce management (WFM) technology is evolving to keep up. The most impactful change on the horizon is that tech can now offer employers a more complete picture — including information about worker skills — to get the most from their people and optimize decision making.
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Workforce Management

Mittelstand Mentality: Resiliency Lessons from a Surprising Source

If you want your organization to be known for its resiliency, agility, social involvement, high-level of employee engagement, and ability to compete globally despite being relatively small in size, it helps to speak a little German.
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The Value of HR Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Learn how modern, automated HR solutions can help you ethically use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve your workplace.
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Life at UKG

Walking The Walk: Black Women Volunteer to Build Opportunity, Equity for STEAM Students

U Krewers team up with nonprofit Sister to Sister International, Inc., to host monthly mentoring circles as part of the UKG Close the Gap Initiative that drives awareness of pay equity issues.
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