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Excited Friends Gambling
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Don’t Press Your Luck: Focus On Retaining Casino Workers

Retaining casino workers is essential to closing the gap on the gaming talent shortage. Discover ways casinos can help retain skilled employees.
Community Engagement
Life-Work Trends

Nurses: In Community With One Another, We Can Move Mountains

During the final week of Nurses Month, we discuss the importance of Community Engagement. In particular, we recognize how community engagement is a powerful vehicle for change, as well as how we can play a more meaningful role in shaping the various outcomes that affect us and our communities. 
UKG announces sponsorship of the NWSL Challenge Cup
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Life at UKG

UKG-NWSL Partnership: More Than a Moment — It’s a Movement

Brian K. Reaves celebrates the announcement of a historic partnership between UKG and the National Women’s Soccer League and shares why the league is the perfect advocacy teammate in the fight for pay equity.
University Computer - library
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Workforce Management

Customer Service in Higher Education

Campus services such as health clinics, financial aid, and academic advisors all have an impact on how a student perceives the customer value of a university. By leveraging tools that create efficiencies around offering these services, institutions can enhance the overall customer service experience that they are providing.
A manager taking a stretch break for her mental well-being
Life-Work Trends

The Power of Caring for Your Mental Well-being

As a leader, it’s essential to place a high priority on your own well-being. Here are three things you can do today to help yourself, the business, and your employees.
Nurses Month - Professional Development
Life-Work Trends

Nurses: Keep Learning & Advancing Your Practice

During the third week of Nurses Month, we explore the theme of Professional Development. Within this blog, we explore the criticality of professional development and investment in learning & advancement.
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