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Your source for practical insights and the latest life-work trends from UKG experts and leaders. Whether you’re an HR team of one or leading a global HCM and workforce management strategy, we’ll help you make smart decisions for your organization and put people first in all you do.

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Life-Work Trends

What is Employee Autonomy and Why is it Good for Business?

The definition of employee autonomy is having the ability to independently get work done. Here are five activities that can remove workplace constraints and create a more autonomous work environment.
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Workforce Management

Using Technology to Support Work-Life Balance for Nurses

What are the risks to patients, clinical staff, healthcare organizations/systems, and the industry as a whole if we fail to innovate critical systems? This blog shares eight design thinking principles all healthcare organizations should follow when developing clinical workload intensity systems.
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4 Actionable Strategies for Achieving Pay Equity

While pay discrimination has been illegal for 60-plus years, many employers still find it challenging to reconcile attributes like education, experience, and skillsets to create pay equity models. The fact is there are many strategies HR professionals can use to promote pay equity in their organizations. We’ll explore four of them.
Employee Experience

7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Communicating effectively can be difficult in the best of environments, but it can be especially challenging in virtual situations. These seven tips will help increase your confidence in any speaking situation.
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7 Benefit Program Changes From the Secure 2.0 Act of 2022

Get ready to implement the extensive provisions outlined in the Secure 2.0 Act, which will empower employers and employees to build retirement readiness and a stronger financial future.
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Life at UKG

Women’s History Month: How U Krewers Uplift and Empower Women

During March's Women's History Month, we're amplifying three U Krewers' voices by sharing their stories of how they -- and all of us -- can advocate for workplaces where all women are empowered, enabled, and equal.
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