Workforce Management

Workforce Management

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The Shared Future for HCM and Workforce Management
It’s time to think more strategically about your entire workforce. Learn the benefits of a unified approach to HCM and workforce management.
Let’s face it. Workforce management activities such as time and scheduling are critical operations, but they can also be a burden on managers and employees. The secret is striking a balance with solutions that help you maximize productivity while also inspiring and motivating employees.  
Why UKG for Workforce Management?

Streamline scheduling, time, attendance, and more to help your people and your business reach their potential.

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Give your managers the tools and data needed to make quick, informed, and ethical decisions so they can focus on business goals and inspire innovation.

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Give employees access anywhere on any device to quickly clock in, swap shifts, or request time off — so they can focus on more strategic tasks.

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Overcome barriers to global expansion by simplifying labor law compliance, scheduling standards, and time policies, while respecting language and culture differences.

Customer Stories

Don't take our word for it

UI Health Logo

“We have been able to centralize staffing and absence reporting with [UKG] Pro Workforce Management.”

UI Health uses UKG Pro Workforce Management to centralize and streamline scheduling and filling shifts, align staffing to patient care needs, and build engagement.

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Greenville County Schools Logo

“The [UKG] system was available to all users from anywhere.”

Greenville County Schools leveraged UKG Ready to simplify time tracking for on-site and off-site staff and ensure accurate pay for 11,000 employees.

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