Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

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Human Capital Management Buyer’s Guide
Human Capital Management Buyer’s Guide
With this guide, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the crowded HCM landscape and pick a solution that best fits the needs of your HR team and your modern workforce.
See the whole person, not just the employee. The UKG® Life-work Technology™ approach to human capital management (HCM) is built to thoughtfully anticipate and adapt to your people’s needs.

Why UKG for HCM?

Encourage your people to bring their whole selves to work. Achieve powerful organizational outcomes by connecting your people and business systems to help your employees. 

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    Build a Culture of Belonging

    Create an inclusive workplace where everyone feels heard and seen with clear career paths, feedback opportunities, support for their passions, and transparent communication. 

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    Foster Organizational Adaptability

    Build resilience and flexibility in your workforce and business practices with smart, automatic guidance on best practices, options to explore different roles, and intuitive, compliant standards. 

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    Guide People and Offer Autonomy

    Inspire confidence and action with self-service access anytime, anywhere to complete tasks, engage in learning, explore recommendations, and connect with UKG experts. 

HCM in Action

Recognize what matters most to your people — inside and outside of work

Build more than just a workforce with HCM software that helps you form a community of passionate, motivated people who drive positive change.

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Deliver HCM
Deliver resources flexibly

Alan’s a new employee and loves accessing HR handbooks, performance goals, and time-off requests right from his phone — even when he’s not at work.


Alan’s a new employee and loves accessing HR handbooks, performance goals, and time-off requests right from his phone — even when he’s not at work.

Customer Stories

Don't take our word for it

Miami Marlins Logo

“UKG Pro gives us a scalable technology architecture to manage our business ….”

The Miami Marlins are using UKG Pro to optimize staffing based on overtime and efficiency metrics, and deliver an exceptional employee experience.

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Colorvision Logo

“Ready has made our lives easier… and we have yet to explore all the possibilities.”

- John Racine, Director of HR, Colorvision International

UKG Ready helps Colorvision International automate their HR data to improve employee satisfaction and reduce time spent on paperwork by 95%.

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Feeding America Logo

“UKG … helps us to be as efficient as possible with our limited resources.”

Feeding America is using UKG Pro for faster, more accurate payroll and to give employees performance management tools to enhance their career development.

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