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UKG Workforce Institute

The Importance of Adaptive Leadership

This post from our board member Raciel Sosa is based on an article he originally published in Forbes Mexico. Here he discusses why an adaptive leadership model is critical to your success.
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How AI Is Impacting the Future of Payroll

Payroll is likely your costliest business function. Are you fully optimizing it? Learn how AI is revolutionizing payroll systems – and the future of payroll.
UKG Workforce Institute

Let's Fire Everyone and Start from Scratch: Do Drastic Times Call for Drastic Measures?

Competition is fierce, digital transformation is happening (whether we like it or not), and many organizations will be out of business if they don't change at an accelerated pace. This means people need to change, and we all know people often struggle with change. So, what should be done? Is firing everyone and starting over a good option?
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Workforce Management

Strategies for Successful Global Workforce Management Standardization

Global workforce management standardization can be difficult for companies. Learn how a Kronos customer standardized workforce management across 26 locations worldwide – improving employee adoption along the way.
UKG Workforce Institute

Meet Gen Z - Optimistic and Anxious

Our newest research indicates that Gen Z is optimistic and anxious about their professional prospects. We offer insights to help you help them.
UKG Workforce Institute

Sustainable Change Management: a Key Success Factor to Better Productivity

Transparency and making employees part of the change, instead of forcing the change upon them, are key success factors for change management. When employees are part of the journey from the very beginning they will be more likely to also play a proactive and positive role in the adoption.
UKG Workforce Institute

The Diversity Advantage

As the population becomes more diverse, those organizations that want to be able to recruit, retain, and engage top talent will need to increase commitment and resources devoted to ensuring a diverse, inclusive and equitable workforce.
UKG Workforce Institute

Is the Rise of the Machines - A Curse or a blessing?

The following post about the rise of the machines is submitted by Christian Kromme, Workforce Institute board member, author and futurist.
UKG Workforce Institute

What's Your Manager Effectiveness Index?

HR leaders Dave Almeda and Kim Nugent explain the hows and whys of customizing and measuring your leadership development program.
UKG Workforce Institute

What You Should Know about ISO Standards for Human Capital

There are currently twelve ISO standards for HR that are helping to elevate the profession.
UKG Workforce Institute

Workers Globally Wish for Better Technology

In our newest research, we find out what workers globally think of their workplace technology. Most are not impressed.
UKG Workforce Institute

The Scientific Method for HR

The HR Bartender and member of Workforce Institute board of advisors, Sharlyn Lauby, writes about how the scientific method of investigation can be applied to solving problems in a business environment.
UKG Workforce Institute

The Gap Years: Older Than Google but Younger Than Challenger

Intern Amanda Boyle talks about whether demographic labels like Gen Y or Gen Z really matter in the workplace.
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Discipline vs. Performance: Spotting the Differences and Finding Solutions

Know the differences between misconduct and poor performance. Here's how HR can address either one to improve performance and ensure compliance.
UKG Workforce Institute

Kronos Case Study: Implementing Unlimited Vacation

Top tips from @KronosInc about managing an unlimited time off program.
UKG Workforce Institute

Employee Self-Care: 10 Ways Organizations Can Be Supportive

10 ways organizations can help employees with self-care from @HRBartender
UKG Workforce Institute

The Key Ingredient for Effective Performance Management

Today's post comes to us courtesy of board member Dennis Miller, the Chief Employment Officer at Cal Poly Pomona Foundation.
UKG Workforce Institute

The Always-On Con - Two sides to every story

There are two sides to every story and for the most part, people are willing to hear both sides before drawing their conclusions.
UKG Workforce Institute

Fatigue Impacts 85% of Nurses

Nurse fatigue is a substantial issue with 98 percent of nurses stating that the work of a nurse is both physically and mentally demanding.
UKG Workforce Institute

82 Million US Workers Have Experienced Paycheck Errors

4 percent of American workers have experienced paycheck errors during their careers. This isn't good for them or their employers.
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