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Your source for practical insights and the latest life-work trends from UKG experts and leaders. Whether you’re an HR team of one or leading a global HCM and workforce management strategy, we’ll help you make smart decisions for your organization and put people first in all you do.

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A diverse group of coworkers
Employee Experience

3 Easy Tips for Driving DEI with Candidate and Employee Feedback

Discover three easy tips your hiring team can use to drive DEI by leveraging candidate and employee feedback.
Nurses working together to improve productivity
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Workforce Management

How to Prioritize Both Nursing Productivity and Patient Care

Instead of looking at nursing productivity and patient care as mutually exclusive, it’s important to recognize that productivity can actually improve patient care.
Graphic of employees helping each other - employee value proposition
People icon

Why It’s Time to Rethink Your Employee Value Proposition—and More

Join UKG Chief People Officer Pat Wadors as she kicks off the 2022 Industry Insights Digital Summit and learn how to optimize your organization for the people you count on every day.
NWSL Athlete Sydney Leroux celebrates with her teammates
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Life at UKG

For NWSL Athlete Sydney Leroux, Equality is Worth Fighting For

One v. One: NWSL athlete Sydney Leroux talks her passion for pay equity and never giving up.
Red, yellow, and green flag honoring Juneteenth
Payroll icon

New Findings: More Organizations Recognize the Juneteenth Holiday than Ever Before

A UKG report shows that 5 million people observed the holiday in 2022—a 4-fold increase over 2021.
Hands and heart illustrating to demonstrate leading with love.
Life-Work Trends

How To Lead With L.O.V.E.—And Why It Matters For Your Organization

The topic of love might seem taboo in the workplace, but don’t let it fool you. At the heart of this approach is compassionate leadership and caring for your people.
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