Stay agile in the face of regulatory change

State Compliance Guide on Labor Regulations
State Compliance Guide
Complying with state labor laws can be challenging, especially if you do business in multiple states. Learn six employment areas that may cause issues.
Compliance requires a proactive strategy to keep pace with quickly changing laws. We work to reduce the risk by helping you stay flexible, automate processes, and anticipate trends before they happen.

Why UKG for Compliance?

Turn regulatory requirements into competitive advantages that support all people.

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    Streamline Compliance Processes

    Build the pay, time, and HR regulatory standards you need to follow into the rules and calculations your solution manages for you — to help reduce manual work and risk of noncompliance.

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    Keep Pace with New Standards

    Operate faster based on the newest labor law changes — from local to global — thanks to regular monitoring by UKG experts and timely solution updates.

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    Build Connections with Compliance

    View the latest DEI&B, company culture, and employer brand best practices in the same place you manage regulatory compliance to create more future-ready policies.

Compliance in Action

Evolve to meet regulatory requirements in people-centric ways

Compliance agility is about seeing opportunities and staying ahead of regulations to meet standards, while making a real difference for all in your organization. And the right technology can help you balance these priorities.

Support Life Events
Prioritize Safety and Wellbeing
Promote Fairness
Support Life Events
Support Life Events

A family medical situation forces Louis to take time off work. HR makes it easy to see his available paid and unpaid leave so he feels supported.


A family medical situation forces Louis to take time off work. HR makes it easy to see his available paid and unpaid leave so he feels supported.

Customer Stories

Don't take our word for it

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“No other HCM solution we looked at had this kind of functionality.”

UKG Pro’s configurable pay and work rules assure Jack in the Box managers that rules are applied consistently and employees are paid correctly.

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"We’re able to give nurses a flexible schedule[ing] patient needs.”

During the pandemic, Magnet-designated Billings Clinic counted on its UKG for Healthcare solution for nurse self-scheduling and accurate ratios.

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