Monthly Recap: October 2023 at the UKG Workforce Institute

It’s been another busy month at the UKG Workforce Institute. If you missed any recent insights, research, or podcasts from us, here’s a look at our conversations from October 2023.

Will New Mathematics Revolutionize HR?
Our favorite prognosticator, David Creelman, kicked off the month with an insightful look at how new math may influence the world of HR in the future.

Industry Insights: The Significance of DEI&B in the Warehouse and Distribution Industry
Guest contributor Robert O’Dwyer continues our Industry Insights series by exploring why diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) are essential within the warehouse and distribution sector, and how it can lead to improved performance, innovation, and a more inclusive workplace culture.

The People Purpose Podcast: Spooky Season: Things to Consider for the Office
Happy Halloween! Podcast hosts Chas Fields and Julie Develin enter the sometimes-spooky world of Halloween at the office. What are the dos and don’ts of celebrating at work?

The People Purpose Podcast: What You Missed at HR Tech 2023
It’s back-to-back episodes of the People Purpose Podcast! If you missed this year’s HR Tech conference, or want to hear about the key themes emerging from the event, check out this episode — featuring Julie live from HR Tech.

Industry Insights: A Look at the Latest Leading Healthcare Industry Brief
We’re at an inflection point in healthcare, where the transformation that’s needed requires a new way of thinking. Nanne Finis, RN, MS, chief nurse executive at UKG, previews the Fall 2023 Leading Healthcare industry brief and what healthcare can do to navigate this pivotal time.

How to Build Trust with Employees: The Workforce Institute Weigh-In
This month, the UKG Workforce Institute Weigh-In provides tips for building trust in the workplace, key to creating a great culture for all people. We asked our advisory board: What’s one way leaders can earn the trust of their employees?

Industry Insights: The Public-Sector Workforce Crisis — The Challenge and the Solution
Bob Lavigna, industry marketing fellow for the public sector at UKG, discusses the challenges facing the public-sector’s workforce crisis, and the long-term solution to fixing the problem.

The People Purpose Podcast: Google Next: A Global Conversation
In this episode of The People Purpose Podcast, Chas and Julie discuss the impact of partnerships and how you can stay ahead of the curve with your business — while one member of the duo travels abroad to London.

New UKG Study Reveals AI’s at Work, Whether You Know It or Not
Our managing editor, Brandon Bielich, dives into the latest UKG global study. This one’s about the prevalence of AI in the workplace, and the need for greater transparency about how companies are using AI.