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A place to share experiences and ideas on how to help customers work smarter through a refreshing blend of customer success stories and workforce management and human capital management insights.

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Heatwaves and Regulations: May's Compliance Forecast

Delve into the May 2024 Compliance update to stay abreast of the most recent legislative updates influencing employers in the U.S. and Canada. This brief overview captures shifts in state and federal employment regulations. Stay informed and proactively manage the evolving realm of employment compliance with valuable insights and actionable strategies.

UKG Pro People Center: HR and Compensation – The Latest Roadmap Updates from Our Product Team

If you couldn’t attend the recent UKG Pro People Center Roadmap Presentation, check out all the main highlights here.

Amplify Your Expertise at the UKG Virtual Huddle

Find out what you can look forward to at the upcoming UKG Virtual Huddle on June 26. Be sure to register today!

Empowering Employees Through UKG Pro WFM Employee Self-Service

An Innovation Award winner shares how her organization is using Employee Self-Service to drive employee engagement and satisfaction and how you can too. 

Introducing the UKG Training Pathfinder

How to access, how it works, and what you need to know. 

It’s Just Another Mobile Monday

This month Mondays are something to look forward to! Each Monday we’ll be providing new mobile content for a different UKG Ready mobile topic. Learn more about what you can expect!

UKG Pro Workforce Management Report Rundown: Time Reporting

Dive into four time reports to help you manage your employees’ time activities.

April 2024 Compliance Update: Spring Break is in Session

The April Compliance Update allows us to embrace the season of renewal by diving deep into the latest regulations and updates. Stay ahead of the curve with essential insights to ensure your compliance journey is as refreshing as a spring break getaway!

The UKG Ready Report Rundown Spring Edition

April showers bring May powers! In this latest edition of the UKG Ready Report Rundown unearth three reports that will help you understand how your employees prefer to access your system.  

The Experience Expert: Fueling Employee Growth and Success

Driving your employees’ career growth is crucial in the current workplace landscape. Last month, the Experience Expert dove into ways to help uncover and nurture hidden talent in your teams. Now, let’s explore how you can use your UKG Ready solution to put those insights into practice.