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Nurses Month - Recognition
Life-Work Trends

Nurses: We Recognize & Appreciate You

It’s the second week of Nurses Month and the theme of the week is Recognition. Within this blog, we explore what recognition is, what this form of gratitude conveys to nurses, and how to properly recognize and appreciate others.
An AAPI U Krewer shown as a baby with his Chinese mother
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Life at UKG

Born in Mexico of Chinese-Descent: How This U Krewer Celebrates AAPI Month

In honor of AAPI Month, U Krewer Juan “Jay” T. talks about his multicultural upbringing and how it has influenced his life, family, and career.
A team of nurses work together
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Workforce Management

Wake-Up Call: It’s Time To Get Creative and Solve the Nursing Shortage

Just in time for Nurses Month, a new survey details how to better utilize and support nursing staff 365 days a year.
HR and payroll team sitting around table at restaurant with laptops participating in eSymposium
Life-Work Trends

Rise up and become your best self at the spring HR & Payroll eSymposium

The spring HR & Payroll eSymposium is almost here - and this time it's all about you.
HR pro sitting at desk in remote meeting with coworkers on computer
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3 remote work compliance policies you should consider

Making your remote and hybrid work policies permanent means catching up on the compliance impacts - here are some tips on where to focus.
Nurses Month - Self Care
Life-Work Trends

Nurses: You Truly Make a Difference

It’s here: Nurses Month, a month-long celebration of nursing! Each week throughout May 2022 we’ll delve into a specific theme exploring how nurses make a difference. Week 1 is all about self-care and the ways in which we can invest in our own wellbeing while caring for the health and wellness of others.
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