Monthly Recap: August 2023 at the UKG Workforce Institute

It’s been a busy month at the UKG Workforce Institute — including a website redesign! Missed any recent insights, research, or podcasts from us? Here’s a look at our conversations from August 2023.

It’s Time to Reward Our Resilient Frontline Workers 
Sarah Morgan begins the month by making the case for rewarding the most resilient members of the workforce: the frontline workers who continue to show up, despite the most challenging conditions.

Plan Now for Long-Term AI Impacts 
David Creelman, our resident guru on AI, provides advice for organizations looking to adapt to the changing world of work. What should companies do today to help ensure a better tomorrow?

The People Purpose Podcast: HR Data Playbook: The Story Your Data is Telling 
Chas Fields and Julie Develin discuss data use at work and what you can learn from the data consumed by your organization.

Our Two Cents on Digital Wallets for Employees: UKG Workforce Institute Weigh-In 
Our advisory board weigh-ins on the question, “What are some of the most important evolving HR and payroll preferences of younger workers that organizations should know about?”

The Hidden Dangers of Employee Fatigue: Industry Insights 
As part of our Industry Insights series, guest contributor Jennifer Dowd sheds light on the potential negative impacts of employee fatigue, from worker safety to business costs.

3 Reasons to Attend the 2023 UKG Industry Insights Digital Summit
Register today for the 2023 Industry Insights Digital Summit on September 14, a half-day virtual event featuring insightful presentations from industry experts, including from the UKG Workforce Institute.

The People Purpose Podcast: Give the People What They Want: An Audience’s Perspective
Interested in learning what areas to focus on to improve your organization? Chas and Julie discuss different tools and resources companies can use to gain insights from their people.

Is This a Turning Point for Manufacturing? 
In this post, guest contributor Kylene Zenk dives into the most telling stats and findings from the UKG Workforce Institute’s annual manufacturing survey. Have we reached a turning point for the industry? 

Transforming the Team: Week One 
This month, we kicked off a culture-focused effort with Ankura called “Transforming the Team.” Over the next five weeks, guest contributor Mark Cappellino from the Ankura Talent Advisory team, along with advisory board member and Ankura colleague John Frehse, will provide actionable strategies and weekly exercises to help leaders transform their cultures, starting at the individual and team levels.

Editor’s Note: Want to learn more great strategies for your company culture and your people? Join John Frehse and Dr. Jarik Conrad, executive director of the UKG Workforce Institute, for a live conversation about culture on September 6, at 1:00 p.m. ET. Register now.

College Degrees vs. Micro-credentials — What’s Worth the ROI? 
After more than three years, the student loan interest and repayment pause is ending. Dennis Miller explores the highly debated topic of whether college is “worth it,” and whether micro-credentials could replace college degrees.