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Why Your People Are Key to An Effective AI Strategy

Human-centered, people-focused AI is the key to building an effective and purposeful AI strategy. 
Life-Work Trends

Using AI Storytelling in Business

Learn the difference between predictive and generative AI, plus 10 advantages for incorporating AI storytelling into your business strategy.
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6 Ways to Build Resilience at Work (With Examples)

Change and resiliency go hand in hand. So how can you grow your resiliency muscle? Here are six ways to build resilience at work, according to UKG employees. 
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Generative AI in HR: 5 Ideas to Consider

Generative AI has the power to affect the way we attract, hire, and retain talent. Here are five ideas to consider. 
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The 4 Elements of Workplace Wellness

Employees must feel that their employer truly prioritizes their wellbeing to feel genuinely supported. Learn the four elements of workplace wellness.  
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5 Ways Businesses Can Leverage AI to Support Their People

Organizations have an opportunity to embrace artificial intelligence to better support working parents and caregivers. Here are five ways to use AI.
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