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Life-Work Trends

Why Flexibility, Efficiency, and Recognition Should Be the Focus of Clinician Wellness

How can healthcare organizations create operational efficiencies that reduce the weight and stress being placed on clinicians and create a more supportive culture? Hint: It’s not about providing free pizza in the breakroom.
Life-Work Trends

The Benefits of Emotion in the Workplace

Emotion in the workplace is an incredibly powerful force in driving business outcomes. Here are three ways to find your emotional north star.
Life-Work Trends

Why Are Women More Stressed Out Than Men?

Recent studies show women are struggling disproportionately to men when it comes to many aspects of their work experiences and overall mental health. While the “life” portion of the “work-life journey” is largely out of employers’ control, there are five significant steps employers can take to help ease pressures on women with the aim of providing more equity and support for everyone.
Life-Work Trends

A Super Bowl Holiday? I Wouldn’t Bet on It!

While at least one official petition arises each year proclaiming that Super Bowl Monday should be a national holiday, the movement has failed to catch hold despite millions saying they will either skip work or plan to work at less-than-optimal levels. How can organizations better plan for business continuity?
Life-Work Trends

Op-Ed: The Role of Tribal Instincts in the Misinformation Age

Employers have a significant role to play in creating a culture that is inclusive of all people to combat misinformation and improve society.
Life-Work Trends

The Value of Data Storytelling in the Workplace

Data storytelling is the bridge that connects metrics with people. Here, we make the case for data storytelling through the lens of ESG.
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