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Our ESG Program

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) at UKG

We strive to create great places to work and even better places to live for all people, which is why we hold ourselves accountable to protecting our planet, building inclusive environments, and making sure our actions match our words.

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We continually measure, manage, and minimize energy use and resulting greenhouse gas emissions to be good stewards of our planet.


We drive sustainability efforts through every aspect of our business and hold our suppliers to the same level of accountability.

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We encourage a culture of belonging, trust, and empowerment by fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates differences and maximizes innovation.

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We firmly believe in doing the right thing for our employees, our customers, and our communities by participating in philanthropic projects worldwide.

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We invest in initiatives and programs that help build an intentional culture that fosters employee satisfaction and aligns with our core values and behaviors.

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We strive to do the right thing in everything that we do to ensure we act as good corporate citizens to our customers, our communities, and one another.

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We employ policies, practices, and protocols designed to protect and manage the collection, retention, and use of sensitive, confidential, and personally identifiable data.

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We are committed to rigorous policies, practices, and protocols to protect our IT infrastructure, networks, and devices to ensure the security of customer and user data.

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We are excited about the transformative opportunities artificial intelligence (AI) holds and are committed to acting responsibly and ethically in the use of AI.

UKG CEO Chris Todd

“Our ESG programs are designed to bring to life our UKG values of being United, Kind, and Growing. We are committed to creating great places to work and even better places to live. We are dedicated to building inclusive communities. We hold ourselves accountable by ensuring our actions match our words.”

Chris Todd
Chief Executive Officer | UKG
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Our ESG Policies and Standards

Our ESG Policy — together with our Environmental Policy, Human Rights Policy, Modern Slavery Statement, Code of Conduct, Third Party Code of Conduct, and other operational policies — demonstrates our commitment to ESG practices and operations. To remain focused on the ESG areas we’re best positioned to impact, UKG conducts global ESG materiality assessments in partnership with an independent, impartial third-party provider. These assessments shape our strategy, inform our goals, and guide our current and future business operations.

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Our ESG Progress and Commitments

UKG is committed to regular, transparent communication of our ESG progress and will continue to provide updates about our ESG journey at least annually.

UKG 2023 Global Impact Report

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Awards and Recognition

While we never take any action for the recognition, UKG is proud to have earned a number of recent awards for our ESG efforts, including a Silver EcoVadis Sustainability Rating and CDP B Rating.

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