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Our ESG Program
Climate Change

UKG recognizes that global climate change presents a challenge to all of us. We have dedicated teams focused on deploying programs designed to mitigate climate change.

Climate Change
Our programs mitigate climate change while allowing UKG to conduct business, with respect for the right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment. This includes a commitment to benchmarking and reducing our energy consumption, water usage, waste, and overall environmental footprint, as we strive to be good stewards of our planet.

We continue to address climate-related issues across UKG, as one of the core pillars of our sustainability initiatives.

These include, but are not limited to e-waste management, including recycling of electronics equipment; water and air-quality testing in various UKG office locations, particularly India; new, greener office buildouts and facilities upgrades; and green cleaning initiatives. We continue to expand these programs, and we evaluate our progress during monthly committee meetings and as part of an external, voluntary audit process.

Energy and Carbon Emissions
Investing in carbon-output measurement capabilities will enable UKG to track and reduce our carbon footprint across critical business areas. We have created programs to support sustainable and renewable business practices, such as waste and energy management. To further strengthen our green initiatives, we have developed employee education and awareness through tailored programs such as Green Week. We also implemented a Supplier Code of Conduct to enable sustainable and eco-friendly vendor relationships.

Supporting Our Customers’ Climate Strategies
In addition to supporting our own goal of reducing UKG carbon emissions, our HCM products and services, continued investment in the transformation toward cloud computing, virtual server expansion, and more energy-efficient methods for data backup and data purging enable our customers to be much more energy efficient, ultimately supporting our customers’ climate change strategies. By offering solutions that support flexible workplace and workforce environments, our customers are empowered to explore more remote-access opportunities that can reduce reliance on physical office space — and, as a result, reduce their own environmental footprints.

Reducing Our Office-Based Carbon Footprint
UKG works diligently to create and consolidate workspaces that align with our environmental and workplace-safety best practices. Our enterprise risk management program considers a variety of risks that span the organization, including those that have a direct impact on our office and data center footprint, carbon emissions, and waste management.

Ultimately, we strive to keep true to our mission of creating an efficient, productive, and safe environment for all UKG employees across the globe. Our climate-related initiatives include:

  • Regular evaluation of our emissions footprint and exploration of renewable-energy sources and other emission-reduction opportunities.
  • Optimized footprint to maximize efficiency, via consolidation of office space and buildings.
  • Updated procurement and travel policies with an emphasis on reduced in-person meetings and business gatherings in favor of virtual events.
  • Reduced commuting time and emissions with the introduction of a more widely accepted hybrid working model for our office-based employees.
  • Cross-organizational use of smart printers.
  • Continued increase in the use of virtual servers and data computing practices.

Environmentally Friendly In-Office Initiatives
UKG has adopted creative environmental solutions to further reduce our carbon footprint while enhancing the working environment for our employees. Examples include:

  • Onsite greenery: We partner with a nursery company that provides onsite support for living walls and greenery throughout our Massachusetts co-headquarters.
  • Eco-conscious office supplies: By setting up preferred (and discounted) green-based options via our company accounts, we naturally promote green purchasing habits.
  • Optimized paper use and discard programs: We purposely selected secure shredding services that recycle collected materials into new paper products. We have also implemented a smart printing application that is available on all office printing machines, to enable employee approval of printing projects and, in turn, prevent the overprinting and misuse of paper.
  • Recycling: UKG takes pride in ensuring that we continue to enhance our active environmental programs that include e-cycling, battery recycling, and overall recycling of paper, plastic, and cans.
  • Energy-reducing appliances: Our goal of continuous carbon emissions is reflected in various environmental and cleaning policies and companywide initiatives at UKG, such as energy-saving lights, faucets, toilets, and building-controlled thermostats.

Increasing Energy Efficiency in New Workspaces
At UKG, we apply our environmental practices and green-cleaning initiatives within our office spaces, including installing energy-efficient lighting that includes sensors and automatic after-hours turn off, sensor water faucets and toilets, and carefully scheduled HVAC systems to ensure that we are only heating and cooling offices when needed. Additionally, as part of our standard set of processes, we work closely with landlords on building maintenance and preparedness for anticipated chronic changes in climate, such as increased temperatures and decreased water availability. We actively partner with building management to enhance our vision of an energy-efficient space that does not cause harm to the environment.

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