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Our ESG Program

Waste Reduction at UKG

We maintain our facilities and run our business operations in a responsible manner that respects the environment.

Waste Reduction
Our primary environmental impacts relate to our energy consumption, as well as the energy consumption of our hardware products, business travel, and the consumption of natural resources through our activities and procurement processes.


We’re committed to mitigating climate change and doing business with respect for the right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment.

Taking account of our business needs, customer requirements, and the desire to minimize adverse impacts on the environment, we maintain our facilities and run our business operations in a responsible manner.


Reducing Our Energy Consumption
UKG has implemented a number of initiatives to help reduce our overall energy consumption. For example, to reduce water consumption in our offices, we have touchless water faucets and automatic-flush toilets in all restrooms. To reduce the amount of electricity used, employees are instructed to shut off lights, computers, monitors, and any other equipment when not in use or leaving the office for the night and/or weekend.

In our offices, we use an automated Energy Management System to control the HVAC and lighting functions throughout our buildings, allowing the temperature set points and lighting schedules to be properly set for occupied and unoccupied times. In addition, we have installed occupancy sensors in conference rooms and private areas, where applicable.

Meeting and Collaboration Technologies
As a technology company, UKG recognizes the role innovative technology can play in keeping employees connected and productive while working virtually across the world. We rely on various technological infrastructure to empower our employees to serve our customers and keep our business running, whether they work in an office, in the field, or at home. In fact, nearly half of our global employee population works remotely full time, while other UKG employees benefit from a hybrid work schedule sharing time between an office and their home.

UKG promotes the use of robust meeting and collaboration technologies, enabling employees to meet with each other and with customers and partners around the world without the productivity loss, work-life impact, or greenhouse-gas emissions of physical travel.

Our Green Team
The UKG Green Team is responsible for the implementation and oversight of our Global Environmental Policy. The Green Team, composed of employees from various UKG business units, meets regularly to review our progress and status on environmental issues and makes recommendations related to our environmental policy and other environmental initiatives. Representatives of the Green Team provide regular updates and report to the director of compliance at UKG.

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