Our ESG Program


We are committed to reducing our electronic waste (or e-waste), including recycling of electronic equipment.

e-waste control at UKG

At UKG,  
we’re focused on optimizing our business applications and storage, continually evolving cloud-data lifecycle management, and relying on more energy-efficient data centers.

Our E-Waste Initiatives

UKG partners with third-party e-waste servicers to responsibly divert electronic waste from disposal to proper recycling. Our certified third-party servicers either recycle, reuse, or resell assets and provide annual reports on asset disposition and/or recovery. UKG then donates the profits from reselling electronic equipment to local nonprofit organizations.

UKG intends to develop a companywide e-waste program, utilizing one verified provider for recycling, reuse, or repurposing our IT equipment in headquarters locations. Additionally, we intend to enhance our reporting capabilities and our training and education opportunities for e-waste topics for all employees.

As necessary to comply with our data security standards, decommissioned laptops and devices are wiped and the drives are destroyed. This equipment is collected by local e-waste services for proper reuse or recycling. We retain the certificates of destruction.

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