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Our ESG Program

E-Waste Control at UKG

We care deeply about our environmental impact and our responsibility to take care of the world in which we live and work.

e-waste control at UKG
Our recent and ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, including both our own corporate output and the sustainability and environmental practices of our trusted suppliers and vendors, are a critical component of our ESG Initiative.

We focus on efforts to reduce our environmental footprint across our business applications and storage, cloud-data lifecycle management, and data centers.

Optimizing Our Business Applications and Storage
As a global technology company with 80% of our products delivered via cloud solutions, we continuously evaluate our technology footprint to ensure efficiencies associated with our growth strategy, deliver effective software solutions, and provide safe and effective tools and technologies to our employees, customers, partners, and vendors.

Recent examples of this include a material change with data-computing operations, resulting in the use of blade server technology — which can save space and minimize power consumption, among other green benefits — to support our server-virtualization strategy (this practice will reduce the amount of electricity and cooling used by a factor of four); data lifecycle management techniques including data deduplication; increased business operations in the cloud; and special data-shedding tools and techniques.

Cloud-Data Lifecycle Management
Our priority of business application dictates the performance of storage, backup-frequency schedules, and retention. At UKG, backup resources and storage maximization are done through data deduplication to eliminate duplicate copies of repeating data for backups. The backup storage devices allow selected data to be stored for a predetermined amount of time. Once data is at the end of its lifecycle, we use data-shredding techniques and physically destroy the disks to obtain a certificate of destruction.

Cloud and Data Centers
Business information technology use is increasingly being centered in the cloud, which helps to reduce operating costs and eliminate material amounts of paper on behalf of UKG customers. Data center server, switch, and router products also help us enable energy-efficient cloud computing and connectivity provisioning.

We continue to evaluate ways to provide products and services that support our customers’ climate change initiatives, energy savings, and emissions reductions through improved automation and virtual and cloud computing. Ultimately, by offering solutions that support flexible workplace and workforce environments, we empower our customers to explore more remote access opportunities that can reduce reliance on physical office space — and, as a result, reduce their environmental footprint.

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