Our ESG Program

Talent and Culture

We’re dedicated to creating meaningful experiences for every U Krewer throughout the employee journey.

Talent and People Programs

we understand that helping our customers build great places to work for all, starts with how we care for our own people.

Our Commitment to Our People

We could not do what we do without the incredible collaboration, innovation, and agility of our talented employees (also known as “U Krewers”).

Across our global operations, we have practices in place to ensure all U Krewers can thrive at every stage of their career — from our comprehensive benefits and support, to employee feedback and career development opportunities.

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Employee Benefits

UKG provides unique total rewards that show we care about our employees’ whole lives — not just their work lives. And our U Choose benefits options allow for U Krewers to select reimbursement allowances that align with their personal needs and stage of life.

For more information on our benefits offerings, please visit our careers site.

Employee Health and Wellbeing

UKG is committed to ensuring the safety, health, and wellbeing of every U Krewer, while also maintaining uninterrupted, exceptional support for our customers and partners. The UKG health and wellbeing program aspires to empower U Krewers and their families to achieve optimal wellbeing and happiness both at work and at home. We also provide support to our employees in both immediate (e.g. natural disaster) and prolonged (e.g. pandemic) crisis events.

Employee Experience

Encouraging employees to take intelligent risks means also recognizing, celebrating, and thanking them for going above and beyond for our customers and one another. We have several programs and benefits in place to reward our U Krewers’ hard work, from a formal peer-recognition platform called Celebrate U, to short- and long-term financial rewards in the form of performance bonuses and company equity.

Employee Experience Survey 

We know that when employees feel engaged, they’re inspired to reach their full potential. To gain insight into our employee engagement levels, our strengths as a company, and where we have opportunities to improve, employees are invited to participate in a biannual engagement survey.

And because we invest in building the best managers and leaders in the industry, our survey also includes a section specifically designed to assess the effectiveness of our managers. Based on feedback, we take meaningful action at the company, division/function, and team levels. UKG is committed to being a great place to work for all, and we use employee feedback to evaluate whether members of all groups are having a consistent and inclusive workplace experience.

Career Development Opportunities

To continuously improve the customer experience, we need hungry self-starters with a growth mindset. We encourage our U Krewers to develop and grow not only themselves, but the business as well.

We invest in several professional development, learning, and training programs for our U Krewers. This includes complimentary memberships to LinkedIn Learning, with more than 16,000 courses spanning business, creative, and technology topics. We also offer the opportunity for all U Krewers to earn professional certifications as another way to support their career growth.

All employees participate in the performance management program at UKG. This program ensures U Krewers have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, creates a culture of feedback and support, and promotes accountability through a fair and equitable process. Goal setting, performance check-ins, stakeholder feedback, and annual performance reviews are key elements of the program.

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