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Entering the workforce now: 4 new ways HR can support first-time employees

First-time employees are facing new, unique challenges - and HR can help them succeed with strategic recruiting, onboarding, and workplace culture choices.
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How a Streamlined Payroll Process Eased the Burden of One Catering Company

With a unified payroll, payroll services, and HR solution in place, the team at M Culinary Concepts can now focus on providing a great guest experience for their clients and be able to take care of their people who make it all happen.
Employee Experience

HR technology's impact on company culture: Small actions, big difference

True cultural change comes from many small actions, and HR technology can help you know where to take them to have a large impact.
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Remote recruiting and hiring: What HR needs to know to make it work

Organizations of all sizes can make remote recruiting and hiring work by taking some practical steps. See how to get your plans off the ground.
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3 Automations to Delight Your Employees and Keep Them Engaged

To truly succeed at scale – from onboarding to offboarding employees – you'll need to adopt workflow automations.
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All aboard, again: Reboarding your people and adapting to cultural change

Raise the bar on your return to the office with the PET method of reboarding and ensure your people are ready for the future.
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Resetting for growth: How HR scales staffing practices to meet business goals

Growth happens fast - make sure your HR team's staffing practices are ready to bring in the people you need.
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Background Check Innovation? Yes, That's A Thing

All background checks are not created equal- and the differences you may not know about really do matter.
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Yep, Your Organization Needs “Momboarding”

Onboarding programs are typically for new employees, but how about those returning from parental leave? Welcome to "momboarding."
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Welcome Employees Back to the Office with Mini-Onboarding

Some employees have been out of the office for months. If you're ready to welcome them back, let Sharlyn Lauby introduce you to the idea of mini-onboarding.