Background Check Innovation? Yes, That's A Thing

Background Check List

A background check is a background check, right? You enter someone’s name into a computer, like they do on TV shows, and any prior run-ins with the law, the court system, or professional credentialing bodies will pop up. If only it were so easy.

Actually, all background checks are not created equal—and the differences you may not know about really do matter.

Here are just three reasons employers should seek out a pre-employment background screening partner committed to developing technology solutions to solve companies’ greatest challenges in the hiring and onboarding processes.

#1 Name and Address

Sounds Simple, But Often Not Relying on a candidate to provide a full address history and all the legal names they’ve ever held can be problematic. In some cases, the person has moved a lot and will forget to list one or more prior residences. In others, an individual may prefer not to mention a previous married name. Then there are the times when someone with a troubling issue in their past purposefully conceals their address in that jurisdiction in the hopes the employer will not uncover the records. These common problems are why Asurint’s proprietary IQLogicsTM search engine compiles a full name and residence history for a candidate before recommending a search for that individual. We make sure right out of the gate that the background check will be thorough.

#2 A Complicated Court Situation

Another key challenge in pre-employment screening is the multitude of repositories across the country (and around the world). In the U.S. alone, relevant criminal records, for example, may exist in any of over 3,800 courthouses and countless agencies and registries. And different jurisdictions have different technologies and processes for accessing their records. For example, in an area with a digital statewide repository, obtaining all related county court records can be quick and easy. But in a state where each county retains records, and some don’t offer digital searches or charge high fees, which counties should you search? IQLogics knows! Asurint’s background screening search engine navigates jurisdictional complexities to recommend the most comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective search—automatically. In fact, with IQLogics, Asurint delivers 16% more record than a traditional background check.

#3 Compliant Results

The final step in an Asurint background search is filtering the results through our proprietary compliance engine to meet federal, state, and local laws and regulations. That way, our clients can be confident that the reports they receive contain only those records they are legally permitted to consider in hiring decisions. Make such a substantial reduction in compliance risk and you’ll definitely see the Legal Department to breathe a sigh of relief!

There are plenty of other ways Asurint leverages technology to improve the hiring process—from adjudication automation to ATS integrations with UKG Pro—but most of these advantages are best experienced firsthand. So why not contact Asurint for a demo today?


This blog is courtesy of Renee Close, Sr. Partnership & Alliances Manager at Asurint Background Screening Solutions.  Asurint is leading the background screening industry forward and supporting your hiring process from start to hire.  Leverage better background checks to reduce manual workloads, minimize compliance risk, promote a safter workplace, and dive insights to boost hiring and recruitment success. To learn more about UKG and Asurint partnership, visit Asurint's UKG partnership marketplace page.