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UKG: March Labor Market Outlook for Employees

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | There was no “madness” in March’s workforce activity, which increased 0.9% month over month and trended positive, according to the March 2024 UKG Workforce Activity Report.
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2024 Megatrends and Workforce Predictions

Take an in depth look at the HR Megatrends and Workforce Predictions that we forecast will shape the world of work for millions of people in the year ahead.
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Great Managers = Great Workplaces: Three in Four Employees Globally Say Their Manager Directly Motivates Them to Go Above and Beyond

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | Managers have a major impact on employees’ productivity and engagement, as well as other factors that create a great place to work such as building trust, fostering open communication, and caring for employees as individuals, according to a new global study by the UKG Workforce Institute. However, managers also report the highest levels of burnout at work, underlining the critical need for more organizational support in order to be the most effective in their roles.
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UKG: February Features Shift Work Rebound, Holiday Surprise

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | After a seasonably slower start to 2024 in January, February featured a holiday surprise and workforce activity increased 0.5% to push the labor market in a positive direction, according to the February 2024 Workforce Activity Report published by UKG.
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Weigh-In: How to Mine for Internal Talent

The UKG Workforce Institute Weigh-In for February 2024: What’s one way that organizations can successfully mine for talent internally? 
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Should the day after the Super Bowl be a national holiday?

The TODAY Show | Millions of people are expected to call out of work on the Monday after the Super Bowl, and those who show up might be less productive than usual. Should it just be declared a national holiday?
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UKG: An Estimated 16.1 Million U.S. Employees to Miss Work Super Bowl Monday, Millions More Plan to Show Up Late

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | Bring in the backups! An estimated 16.1 million U.S. employees plan to miss work the Monday after Super Bowl LVIII, including over 6 million U.S. employees who will risk a workplace penalty for faking sick or “ghosting” work altogether and not showing up. That’s according to new research conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of the UKG Workforce Institute, which has tracked absenteeism surrounding the big game for nearly two decades.
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UKG: January Workforce Activity Slows — But There’s More to the Story

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | Workforce activity declined 2.4% in January, turning the broader labor market trend toward neutral, after several months of relatively consistent stagnation — but there’s more to the story on what’s driving the slowdown in shift work, according to the January 2024 Workforce Activity Report published by UKG.
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UKG: Workforce Activity Trending Up, November Strongest Month Since June

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | November was the strongest month for workforce activity since June, even when accounting for the Thanksgiving holiday, according to the November 2023 Workforce Activity Report published by UKG. Shift work increased 0.4%, with gains across most sectors, signaling more strength for the remarkably steady labor market.
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Holiday Shopping Season Competition Urges Stores to Drive Up Investment in People

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | A new report on holiday season retail trends from UKG finds store traffic and shopper demand are up year over year, and almost all retailers (96%) — up from just 40% in 2022 — have plans to increase headcount in stores for the 2023 holiday shopping season. Seasonal hiring goals could be difficult to hit, however, as turnover continues to be a challenge and competition for talent remains strong, potentially putting the customer experience on the line.