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The Value of Data Storytelling in the Workplace

Data storytelling is the bridge that connects metrics with people.Here, we make the case for data storytelling through the lens of ESG.
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The Power of HR and Payroll Support Roles

HR and payroll are more than “back-office” support roles. Explore how a people-centric approach paired with data can transform your organization.
Life-Work Trends

Is Empathy The Next Great Workplace Revolution?

As organizations strive to build purpose-driven workplaces, what lessons can we learn from past revolutions to help us embrace a new way of thinking about work?
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Back to School: What is a Destination District—and How Technology Can Help in Getting There

Explore how using a best-in-class HCM solution can free up your people so they can focus on what’s most important: student success.
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From Foraging to Modern Technology: The Evolution of Life and Work

There’s a fascinating history to this thing called work. Explore the life-work journey and why it’s time to reconsider how we work.
Life-Work Trends

Is Specialization Overrated?

In a society that values hyper-specialization and efficiency, are we missing the bigger picture? Consider the hummingbird vs. the rat theory.
Life-Work Trends

How to Keep Employees Connected in a Global and Hybrid World

The days of building relationships solely around the watercooler are long gone. Tap into three practical tools to keep employees engaged in a hybrid work environment.
Life-Work Trends

Who are Gray-Collar Workers?

Explore the crucial (and growing) workforce you haven’t heard of yet—the gray-collar worker.
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Workforce Management

Reflections From MODEX: 3 Key Learnings on Industry Challenges

The disruption of supply chains has sent shock waves through almost every industry it touches. During the 2022 MODEX Expo, three people-related challenges brought to light from the MHI Annual Industry Report stood out for logistics industry leaders to focus on during these unpredictable times.
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When Deciding on Spreadsheets or Software for Managing Compensation, Focus on Outcomes

For compensation planning and management, many employers are faced with choosing between using spreadsheets or software. There are different ways to compare the options. Employers usually focus on the inputs. It is more important to consider the outcomes.