3 Automations to Delight Your Employees and Keep Them Engaged

To truly succeed at scale – from onboarding to offboarding employees – you'll need to adopt workflow automations.

It's little secret that your organization needs to provide employees with world-class experiences in order to retain them and keep them engaged.

You can try all kinds of methods for meeting this lofty aim, but to truly succeed at scale, you'll need to adopt workflow automations.

We'll review three such automations that span the employee journey–from onboarding through offboarding. That way, you'll not only know how automations can benefit the employee experience, but also how you can go about implementing them.

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Streamline onboarding workflows to help new hires hit the ground running

There are numerous tasks that your team has to perform in advance of, during, and beyond a new hire's first day. These may include:

  • Marking the candidate as hired in your recruiting tool
  • Creating their profile in a human capital management (HCM) platform (like UKG Pro™), an IT service management system (like ServiceNow), among other critical systems
  • Selecting the equipment and apps the new hire needs
  • Providing the new hire with a badge for accessing company facilities
  • Inviting the new hire to the appropriate channels in your business communications platform (like Slack)

With automation, your team can easily complete each of these tasks on time and without any issues–even when your team is remote or in multiple locations. For example, here's how you can seamlessly automate equipment provisioning:


Example of Equipment Provisioning Automation


1. Once a candidate is marked as hired in a recruiting tool like Greenhouse, the workflow gets triggered.

2. The new hires' account gets created in an HCM platform like UKG Pro, and the solution then delivers the new hire notice (an email that notifies the appropriate stakeholders of various new hire details, like their employment type, manager, start date, etc.)

3. An enterprise chatbot (like Workbot) sends the new hire's manager a messages on a platform like Slack, asking them to select the specific devices and equipment the new hire needs.

4. The enterprise chatbot then sends an asset manager in the region the request in Slack, empowering that employee to fulfill the request on time. 

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Automate day-to-day approvals to delight employees and to save them time


Your employees will need to make a variety of requests over time.

Are they planning a vacation? They'll need to request PTO. Are they buying equipment for their home office? They'll need to submit an expense. Are they looking to access an app? They'll need to ask for permission. And so on and so forth.

No matter the nature of an employee's request, you can make the process quick and easy for all involved with the help of automation.

For instance, here's how the workflow for submitting PTO can work:


Example of PTO Approval Automation


1. An employee uses an enterprise chatbot to submit a PTO request in their business communications platform.

2. The chatbot checks the employee's PTO balance in a platform like UKG Pro.

3. Assuming the employee qualifies to take the time off, their manager will receive a notification in the business communications platform, asking them to review the request.

4. The manager can then review the request and approve or reject it with the click of a button.

5. Assuming the manager approves the request, the requestor will get notified via chat, and their PTO balance in UKG Pro will update accordingly.


Automate offboarding to successfully safeguard equipment and information


When an employee leaves, it's imperative that they don't take anything valuable with them, whether it's a laptop or access to your applications.

How can workflow automation help in meeting this aim? Here's one example:


Example of Employee Offboarding Automation

1. Once an employee is marked as terminated in UKG Pro, the workflow gets triggered.

2. Tickets related to offboarding the employee automatically get created in a platform like ServiceNow.

3. Assuming the tickets get resolved on time, the departing employee will be removed from their groups in ActiveDirectory, and they'll lose access to their laptop–both by the end of their last day.

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