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Take a Trip Down the UKG Pro Talent Roadmap Recap

If you couldn’t attend our recent UKG Pro Talent Roadmap Review, check out the highlights here!
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How to Use Employee Engagement Surveys to Enhance Dialogue

There's no magic formula to enhancing dialogue with your employees. But using employee engagement surveys the right way can help. 
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Generative AI in HR: 5 Ideas to Consider

Generative AI has the power to affect the way we attract, hire, and retain talent. Here are five ideas to consider. 
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Celebrating AAPI Heritage: UKG AsPIRE Members Share Their Cultural Journeys

Did you know that Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities encompass nearly 50 ethnic groups in more than 40 countries? Learn more about some dynamic AAPI cultures through U Krewers Calle, Chris, and Leilani and discover the influence their heritage has had on their lives and careers.  
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Untitled (Why Leadership Is More Than a Job Title)

Being a leader isn’t just about job titles and pleasing stakeholders. It’s about working with your employees to find a solution that shows compassion, even when it might be unpopular. Pat Wadors, Chief People Officer at UKG, reflects on her candid conversation with Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President and CEO of SHRM, about their individual experiences as C-suite leaders.
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Are We Entering the Golden Age of Organizational and Talent Development?

There is a widely held belief that an era of great disruption is a catalyst for change. Great leaders have embraced this opportunity to usher in a new era of leadership and are turning to organizational and talent development teams to help create the next generation of great leadership.
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5 Things High-Performing HR Teams Do Differently

Learn five things the highest-performing HR teams at companies around the globe are working on to ensure they meet or exceed their people goals in 2023. 
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How to Build a Winning People Strategy

UKG Chief People Officer Pat Wadors shares seven things she's learned about building a winning people strategy while leading 15,000+ people at UKG.
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What is Performance Enablement? Plus, How It Promotes Internal Mobility

Performance enablement is the next generation of performance management. It focuses on the future and promotes internal mobility to give your employees the recognition and opportunities they deserve.
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Workforce Management

UKG Has a New Public Sector Senior Fellow: Meet Bob Lavigna

The stakes are higher than ever today in government. Our expert in the public sector explains how government needs to change to attract and retain today’s best talent—and why it’s still such a rewarding profession.