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4 Actionable Strategies for Achieving Pay Equity

While pay discrimination has been illegal for 60-plus years, many employers still find it challenging to reconcile attributes like education, experience, and skillsets to create pay equity models. The fact is there are many strategies HR professionals can use to promote pay equity in their organizations. We’ll explore four of them.
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3 Ingredients for Successful Employee Retention Strategies

Looking beyond the traditional enticements of large salaries and extensive perks, the real magnet for top talent today involves cultivating a company atmosphere enriched with purpose, pride, and fun.
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Life at UKG

To Celebrate Women's History Month, U Krewers Share Their Experiences at UKG

Get a glimpse into life at UKG as we celebrate Women's History Month through personal experiences and reflections shared by three inspiring U Krewers from the FIRE Up community, showcasing their journey, challenges, and commitment to diversity and inclusion. 
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Three AI Functionalities that Help Build Workplace Trust, Retention, and Satisfaction

With proper privacy and security, AI can positively impact workforce productivity and employee experience.
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From Exhausted to Fired Up: How to Prevent Employee Burnout

Follow these four steps to retain top talent, prevent employee burnout, and create an engaged and passionate workforce.
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What Does it Take to Create an Engaging and Empowering Work Environment?

Learn how to contribute to a supportive environment using modern communication tools while at the same time closing the gap between virtual and in-person work environments.
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Great Leaders are Both Introverts and Extroverts

How individuals can demonstrate leadership using their own qualities of introversion and extroversion.  
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Life at UKG

Celebrating Black History Month at UKG: Reflections from Three U Krewers

Highlighting resilience, courage, and the profound impact of diversity within our vibrant workplace.
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Life at UKG

How Three U Krewers in India Found Career Growth with UKG

U Krewers share their experiences with UKG’s continuous learning opportunities, innovation-driven programs and supportive environment for professional growth. 
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Changing the World, One Workplace at a Time

UKG is all in on a clear mission: Inspire every organization to become a great place to work through technology built for all.