Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

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Should ESG Programs be Recession Proof?

Here are three reasons why maintaining focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities during tough economic times makes good business and people sense.
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What is the Employee Continuum of Needs?

The Employee Continuum of Needs is key to workplace success in 2023. Learn how understanding the six stages improves engagement, retention, and mental health.
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How to Measure Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B)

Quantifying DEI&B progress can be challenging. But with data-backed solutions, organizations can successfully measure culture and implement new initiatives.
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Working at UKG: UKG Celebrates 5 Major Milestones in 2022

UKG accomplished a lot in 2022, and it shows. Here are five major moments from the past year.
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How to Improve Belonging in the Workplace

Research shows that belonging and feeling valued are fundamental employee needs. Learn how to improve belonging in the workplace and on your team.
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How to Fight Bias at Work

Lean In shares five ways employees and employers can fight bias in the workplace.
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What is Payroll’s Role in Pay Equity?

Payroll professionals can play a pivotal role in leading pay equity initiatives in the workplace. Here’s how.
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How to Build a Winning People Strategy

UKG Chief People Officer Pat Wadors shares seven things she's learned about building a winning people strategy while leading 15,000+ people at UKG.
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UKG Aspire: 8 Leaders Reflect on the Future of Work

Workplace leaders share how effective managers, improved employee wellbeing, and a people-first approach are essential for organizational success in 2023.
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Years of Service Remembered: A Veteran U Krewer’s Story

For Veterans Day and Remembrance Day, a U Krewer shares how his military experience helps him succeed at UKG.