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March 2024 Compliance Update: Spring into Action

March is the season to stop and smell the roses, start fresh with spring cleaning, and spring into action for new compliance updates. Let’s navigate through the latest tax and compliance updates to ensure you’re prepped for what’s ahead.  
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December 2023 Compliance Update: Keeping You in the Loop

December brings a flurry of compliance updates and we’re here to help you gear up. Let’s navigate through the latest tax and compliance updates with ease. 

Five Tips to Knock Your Payroll Year-End Processes Out of the Park

Year-end can be stressful, but feeling prepared can make all the difference. Explore five tips that will help make the process feel like you hit a grand slam. 
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Prep for Year End with the UKG Pro Report Rundown

Get familiar with the robust built-in UKG Pro reporting capabilities with our quarterly UKG Pro Report Rundown, which highlights reports to help you manage your workforce more efficiently. 
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Remote Work Compliance:
6 Factors to Consider

Employment law for remote workers is increasingly complex. Consider these six factors when evaluating remote work compliance. 
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Disaster Unemployment Assistance and Tax Credits After a Hurricane

Hello Income Tax season! This resource features lists of government relief programs, including disaster unemployment assistance and the disaster relief tax credit, to support companies and employees. Be aware of and knowledgeable about possible tax implications.