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Why Your People Are Key to An Effective AI Strategy

Human-centered, people-focused AI is the key to building an effective and purposeful AI strategy. 
Life-Work Trends

The Benefits of Emotion in the Workplace

Emotion in the workplace is an incredibly powerful force in driving business outcomes. Here are three ways to find your emotional north star.
Life-Work Trends

What is Shared Value at Work?

Purpose has become integral to corporate culture. When done right, creating shared value (CSV) at an organization can improve both society and a company’s bottom line.
Life-Work Trends

Adapting to Workplace Change

Seven (7) tips to help employees (and you!) stay motivated through change.
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The Power of HR and Payroll Support Roles

HR and payroll are more than “back-office” support roles. Explore how a people-centric approach paired with data can transform your organization.
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Workforce Management

UKG Has a New Public Sector Senior Fellow: Meet Bob Lavigna

The stakes are higher than ever today in government. Our expert in the public sector explains how government needs to change to attract and retain today’s best talent—and why it’s still such a rewarding profession.
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Is Empathy The Next Great Workplace Revolution?

As organizations strive to build purpose-driven workplaces, what lessons can we learn from past revolutions to help us embrace a new way of thinking about work?
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Why Workplaces Should Lean into Neurodiversity

Workplace culture is changing—and for the better. Here, one professional shares how embracing dyslexia helped her achieve professional success, and the positives of neurodiversity in the workplace.
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UKG and Great Place To Work: The 6 Elements of Great Company Culture

In honor of one year together, UKG and Great Place To Work share the six elements of building exceptional company culture.
Life-Work Trends

Is Specialization Overrated?

In a society that values hyper-specialization and efficiency, are we missing the bigger picture? Consider the hummingbird vs. the rat theory.