How to Enhance Efficiency in the Workplace Through Adaptive HCM Experiences

Felixble and adaptive technology provides better employee experiences that help enhance efficiency in the workplace and improve business outcomes
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Efficiency isn’t just about numbers, it’s also about people, great experiences, and interconnectivity. In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations are always looking for ways to optimize processes and improve their flow of work, so their teams feel connected and empowered with the tools they need to complete work. Yet, the struggle with the surplus of applications and technology, including human capital management (HCM) and workforce management (WFM) technology, is also evident. On average, people today interact with 22 different apps and unique websites throughout their day at work, which takes up valuable time, decreases productivity, and creates a disjointed employee experience that can lead to disengaged staff. 

Investing in the right people technology platform—one that’s adaptive and driven by innovation and flexibility—should meet your people where they work, providing better employee experiences that help enhance efficiency in the workplace and improve business outcomes. 

3 ways an adaptive HCM solution can help improve work efficiency

1. Complete essential HCM-related tasks with ease

From tracking attendance to managing time off, HR tasks demand agility and accuracy. An adaptive HCM and WFM solution allows you to meet crucial employee needs such as managing schedules, submitting requests, reviewing paystubs, and clocking in and out all while ensuring continuous team communication and collaboration. Having convenient access to the HR system helps ensure accurate data transfer and compliance while saving time and creating overall efficiencies.

An integrated HCM software provides employees with a unified and consistent experience, letting them complete daily administrative tasks anytime, anywhere, all in one place without switching between apps such as:

  • Accessing timecard history
  • Updating job location preferences
  • Swapping shifts with colleagues
  • Submitting time-off requests

At the same time, managers can simultaneously gain better staff visibility, approve or deny such requests, and access updated employee schedules making it convenient to gain actionable insights into their team’s availability, maximizing productivity, and boosting employee autonomy and engagement.

2. Seamlessly integrate with commonly used business applications

Having an innovative HR platform with robust capabilities is essential in today’s rapidly changing workforce environment. Being able to integrate with other solutions is a huge benefit to your business because it ensures that the solution evolves as the business grows, meeting organizations where they are on their journey. As businesses evolve, their technology becomes more complex, and being able to connect to other software and customize HCM and WFM technology to your specific needs is crucial for an efficient and productive workplace.

As businesses evolve, their technology becomes more complex, and being able to connect to other software and customize HCM and WFM technology to your specific needs is crucial for an efficient and productive workplace.



While connectivity and scalability are important assets, streamlining continuous team collaboration and communication can also positively impact the workplace. Integrating HCM software with apps your businesses already use such as Microsoft Teams and Google Chat makes work easier, as it offers these benefits:

  • A unified means of collaboration and communication
    An adaptive HR platform eliminates the burden of toggling between different applications and the need to search and update important employee information through multiple systems and solutions. It allows your staff to quickly transfer jobs and locations, and access, review, approve, or reject their timecards directly in the same platform they use to discuss and collaborate on projects, speeding up processes and boosting productivity.
  • Real-time notifications:
    Employees and managers can receive immediate updates about HCM processes and policies natively in the app. Whether it's a reminder about a shift swap, a notification about accrual balances, or an alert regarding time sheet submissions, employees and managers can receive immediate updates about HR-related activities in real time directly through the app, keeping teams informed and engaged.
  • Accessibility across devices:
    Not all teams have access to all tools and resources available within an organization. In fact, many employee experiences aren’t optimized to serve about 81% of the existing global workforce, and this is where extensive HCM and WFM connectivity can help close the gap. Bringing HR functionality into the communication systems employees already use can foster a consistent experience and a more connected workforce that can be accessed anywhere at any time ensuring accessibility to all members of your workforce.  

3. Enhance employee experience 

The employee experience is comprised of all the moments throughout the employee’s day, and a positive one is essential to enhancing efficiency in the workplace, as it fosters higher employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity, creating an engaging and empowering work environment. Having an HCM and WFM solution that facilitates getting the manual responsibilities out of the way and seamlessly integrates with the processes and tools that are already being utilized reduces burnout from handling numerous administrative tasks. 

Efficiency Your Way

While efficiency looks different across industries, not having an innovative people system that adapts as the market evolves can put a strain on your entire business. By embracing adaptive HCM experiences, organizations can create a productive and satisfying work environment—one that propels them toward success in an ever-changing world. 


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