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Three Key Steps for Mentorship in the Workplace

It is essential to be clear about the definition of “professional development and growth” with the mentee. Many employees assume such terminology is analogous for getting an automatic promotion or pay increase.
UKG Workforce Institute

Mentorship in the Workplace: The Workforce Institute Weigh-In

Mentorship at work can take many forms. This month, members of our advisory board offer their perspectives on ways managers can serve as mentors for employees, no matter where they work. The Workforce Institute Weigh-In for March 2023: What’s the best way for managers to mentor employees 1) who work on the frontlines and/or 2) who work in a remote environment.
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What is Performance Enablement? Plus, How It Promotes Internal Mobility

Performance enablement is the next generation of performance management. It focuses on the future and promotes internal mobility to give your employees the recognition and opportunities they deserve.
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Neurodiversity in the Workplace: One U Krewer Shares Her Experience

For National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), a U Krewer shares her personal story with autism.
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Workforce Management

Healthcare is on a Data-Driven Improvement Journey. But Who Will Lead the Change?

UKG’s Chief Nurse Executive shares the benefits of coaching, connection, and collaboration to enrich your employees’ careers and unleash the power of healthcare data.
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Meet the Interns: UKG Spotlights Summer Interns

July 28 is National Intern Day! To celebrate, UKG chats with two interns about their experiences and their top takeaways—for future interns and their managers.