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Life-Work Trends

A Day in the Life of a Manufacturing Team Member, From Work-life Balance to Life-work Journey

The pandemic has shown that to thrive, employers must be flexible, adaptable, and truly invested in the needs and concerns of their employees if they want to retain their talent. To understand the reality faced by employees and organizations alike in this modern workforce, we developed a concept called the Life-work Journey™. To illustrate the positive change and flexibility that Life-work Tech can provide, read on to see a typical day in the life of a manufacturing team member.
Jane and her family
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Life at UKG

How This U Krewer Celebrates Curiosity

Get to know UKG Group Vice President of Relationship Management Jane in this Women's History Month special edition Q&A.
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Training alone won't cut it: Driving development through learning

Training shouldn't just be about learning skills - it's a path forward in an organization, and HR should design programs with that in mind.
Let's see what we may have to drop everything to deal with this week?
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Drop Everything

Time Well Spent: Let's see what we may have to drop everything to deal with this week?
HR pro sitting on table in office with position management map on wall
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Position management leads to big wins for HR: Make sure you don't miss out

Position management isn't a niche industry approach - it can benefit any HR team. We'll show you how.
International Women's Day
Life-Work Trends

Wheels Up! How to Help Empower Women in Transportation on International Women’s Day

How will your organization #BreakTheBias and commit to women’s equality?
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