Monthly Recap: July 2023 at The Workforce Institute

Missed any recent insights, research, or podcasts from The Workforce Institute at UKG? Look no farther than our monthly recap. Here’s a look at our conversations from July 2023.

The People Purpose Podcast: Tangible and Intangible: Thoughtful Recruiting Resources 
Struggling to find talent in the current labor market? On this episode of The People Purpose Podcast, join Chas Fields and Julie Develin as they discuss key resources and ideas that will help you fill positions faster.

Industry Insights: The Transformative Impacts of Generative AI on Professional Services 
Our new series, Industry Insights, continues with a guest contribution from Heidi Affronti, who looks at the impact of GenAI on work, specifically the field of professional services.

The View from Latin America: Gen Z’s Thoughts on Workplace Issues 
Ivonne Vargas returns with her latest take, offering The View from Latin America. Ivonne analyzes a new study about the youngest generation in the workplace, Gen Z, and how these workers feel about issues at work.

The People Purpose Podcast: Mystery Topic Mini-Series #1: The State of HR 
The world has changed so much since the People Purpose Podcast launched in April 2021. Chas and Julie discuss the state of HR and how the profession has evolved since their podcast’s very first episode.

The Workforce Institute Weigh-In: Reviewing Our 2023 Workplace Predictions 
Now that we’re more than halfway through the year, our advisory board reviews our 2023 Workplace Predictions to see what we got right, and what we may have missed.

Tips for Managing the Multigenerational Workforce 
Did you know there are currently five generations in the workplace? Don’t worry — Laurie Ruettimann is here with some practical advice for managing this multigenerational workforce, from the Silent Generation to Gen Z.

Industry Insights: Summertime, and the Learning is Easy — with HR Summer Camp for the Public Sector
If you’re feeling nostalgic for that sense of learning, growing, and inspiration you enjoyed as a kid at camp, here’s your chance to get it back and achieve your HR goals. Register now for the virtual UKG HR Summer Camp, kicking off August 3!

The People Purpose Podcast: Key Tips to Growing Your Career: Live from Elevate 
Co-hosts Chas and Julie recorded this special episode of the People Purpose Podcast live at a UKG young-professionals event, but their advice for career development is helpful for workers of all ages. Listen in today!