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UKG U Krewers Honor Juneteenth
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Life at UKG

UKG U Krewers Honor Juneteenth

U Krewers share their experiences with Juneteenth and how they observe this historically significant holiday.
HR lessons from the SHRM 2022 conference
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SHRM on Your Mind? Enhance Your HR Strategy with These 5 Lessons

HCM Strategic Advisors Chas Fields and Julie Develin break down the 5 key takeaways from SHRM.
A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) assists an elderly patient
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Workforce Management

Only One You: Recognizing Certified Nursing Assistants

In honor of CNA Week, we look at the history of certified nursing assistants and how they provide invaluable support to our healthcare system.
UKG U Krewer parents celebrate the LGBTQ+ Community
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Life at UKG

Pride Month Part 1: How U Krewer Parents Celebrate the LGBTQ+ Community

In the first installment of our three-part Pride Month series, we talk with a U Krewer who is the proud mom of a 14-year-old trans child.
Community Engagement
Life-Work Trends

Nurses: In Community With One Another, We Can Move Mountains

During the final week of Nurses Month, we discuss the importance of Community Engagement. In particular, we recognize how community engagement is a powerful vehicle for change, as well as how we can play a more meaningful role in shaping the various outcomes that affect us and our communities. 
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Employee Experience

Don’t Press Your Luck: Focus On Retaining Casino Workers

Retaining casino workers is essential to closing the gap on the gaming talent shortage. Discover ways casinos can help retain skilled employees.
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