Industry Insights for Government and Education


It’s like a line in the sand. Before March 2020 and after March 2020. As Government and Education leaders continue to make tough decisions about their workforce, the need to modernize processes and policies is suddenly a priority. At UKG, we recognize the angst and uneasiness this causes. A crisis can do that to us. This latest crisis, though large in scale and with different rules, is responsible for some of the same issues we see with natural and man-made disasters; several of them related to Telework, Compliance, and Labor Tracking/Reporting.  

Join us on June 23rd for the Industry Insights Digital Summit and its amazing agenda. It’s a great opportunity to hear from peers and experts as they dive into the very topics that are on everyone’s mind. There’s also a resource center if you find you want to learn more about a particular topic and the opportunity to network with the other attendees or address questions to the speakers. 

Our Higher Education audience will hear from a variety of institutions including Claremont Colleges, Kansas State University, Pace University, Temple University, and Humboldt State University. Sessions include: 

  • The Future of Remote Work in Higher Education: Learn what the future of remote work looks like on campus and the importance of recording nonexempt employee time in supporting policies and requirements  
  • Labor Tracking on and off Campus in a Crisis: We’ll explore real-time reporting, proper allocation of hours worked, and leave time taken as a result of the COVID-19 crisis 

Those in Government will hear from UKG subject-matter experts and former Executive Director of IPMA-HR, Neil Reichenberg. Lively discussions on the following topics can be expected: 

  • Public Sector and the Remote Workforce: We’ll discuss how to navigate the new normal in telework, address productivity concerns, and help you find tools for managing remote workers 
  • Tracking the Government Workforce in a Crisis: Topics will include how to prepare your workforce for the future, making better decisions via labor data visibility, and tracking employee time and leave with modern technology  

School District leaders and staff will learn from various school districts and experts including third-party speakers from Humble Independent School District, Ector County Independent School District, and Scott Frein from McGuire Woods Consulting. Get the latest information on the following topics: 

  • Easing the Burden of Labor Compliance and Grant Tracking: Learn how today’s “new normal” will affect labor compliance, including grant tracking and reporting, employee-driven transactions, and PAR reporting 
  • Using Mobile and Other Tools to Track Your Workforce During a School Closure: See how school districts are using modern tools to track and manage time worked during closures 

No one has the answer or feels certain about what lies ahead in the next few months. Preparation is one of those things that can be addressed now. The digital summit is a tool government and education leaders can use to move in the direction that best supports the individual needs and goals of your organization. And if you are reading this after June 23rd, have no fear, you can still register and listen to replay. Enjoy! 

Click here to see the full agenda, speakers list, and register today.