Top Resources for Small Business HR Teams Evaluating New Software

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From managing everyday people processes to running payroll, ensuring compliance, and driving strategic planning, human resources is essential to every organization’s success. Your small business HR team is no less essential although they’re probably doing all this and more with a lot fewer people! 

When your team is snowed under with time-consuming daily tasks, they aren’t able to focus on higher-value initiatives such as culture building and helping meet the organization’s business goals. Software designed to manage HR, payroll, talent, and time can help free them to accomplish more, but this adds yet another issue: Where do you start your journey to finding the best solution for your organization? And are there good resources for small business HR teams to learn more about what they should look for? 

UKG’s one-stop Small Business HR & Payroll Resource Center is designed to answer your most pressing questions about HR software and provide additional insights that can help you discover what you need to know to make the most informed decisions no matter which direction you choose. 

Learn How the Right HR Software Can Help You Manage Your Top Challenges 

In selecting our Small Business Resource Center content, we listened carefully to what small business HR professionals said they would find the most helpful for learning how to better manage their people and build a great workplace. From our newly updated Executive’s Guide to HR and Payroll Software for Small Teams eBook to our Trends for Small HR Teams in 2024 webinar, we’ve curated content designed to give you an expert view of where technology and people can come together successfully at smaller organizations for the benefit of all. 

But let’s dig in some more. We’ve broken down your top challenges as follows so you can see exactly how and why we selected our top resources for small business HR teams like yours.

Streamlining HR and payroll processes

HR software can lighten your workload by streamlining and automating core functions such as onboarding and benefits administration. This in turn frees your team to focus on business-critical tasks such as finding creative ways to engage your employees or assisting with critical data analysis of issues like fatigue that can affect retention. Most modern HR solutions leverage AI and GenAI technology to make these efficiencies a reality for their users.

Because the rise of AI-powered tools is changing business and HR functions at lightning speed, we’ve included information on its benefits in our resource center. It’s becoming clear that the future success of your organization could rely on leveraging this technology through an HR software solution to enhance productivity and efficiency, deliver an excellent employee experience, and manage your people data securely and ethically. 

The future success of your organization could rely on leveraging technology through an HR software solution to enhance productivity and deliver an excellent employee experience.



Find and keep best-fit talent

You need the best people to succeed, so it’s critical for your HR team to understand how to best attract and retain them. However, like many smaller organizations, you might be finding it difficult to recruit qualified applicants for your available job openings. Attracting the people you want and need beyond offering higher compensation might require some creativity, and that’s one focus of our resource center content. For instance, you can offer great workplace flexibility with policies such as remote or hybrid work or commit to providing your people with learning and development opportunities that will give them a track for professional advancement. 

It’s also important to remember that recognizing and appreciating your employees is a great strategy for retaining new and veteran employees alike. Offer them wellness programs or learning stipends to extend their education and skills. Giving them paid time off – or simply saying “thank you” more often – can also go a long way toward holding onto the people who help your business succeed. 

Build a great workplace

Our top resources for small business HR teams would not be complete without including the importance of culture. The most successful organizations are places where people love coming to work and the best way to create that workplace is to build a culture of trust and belonging to nurture your people and help your organization stand out in the market. 

According to research from Great Place To Work®, 64% of employees are more likely to be engaged in high levels of innovation when they feel they make a difference. It’s clear that when people feel seen, heard, and valued and have a strong sense of belonging at work, they’re happier, more productive, and more likely to stay with you rather than flee to a competitor. And showing your people how they connect and contribute to your organization’s values and mission will enable them to always give you their best.

Want to Make a Change? Check Out Our Full Range of Resources for Small Business HR Teams

If you want your organization to thrive in both the short and long term, implementing new HR software is usually the best business decision you can make. But whether you’re just beginning to look into the capabilities these solutions have to offer or want a deeper drive into exactly how they can benefit your business, the UKG Small Business HR & Payroll Resource Center is a great place to start.

Before you go, did you know?

59% of small businesses still use manual solutions such as spreadsheets and paper documents for functions like recruiting and training. 
80% of U.S. small businesses now use HR software or plan to use it in the next one to two years.