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The State of the HR Function in Small to Mid-sized Businesses

Much of the management research out there focuses on large organizations. The problem? The recommendations simply don’t apply to HR leaders at small to mid-sized businesses, who strive to have the same kind of impact as their enterprise counterparts but lack similar resources.

How can they influence their organization’s people strategy while juggling their day-to-day duties?

To find out, UKG partnered with the HR Research Institute at to zero in on HR’s challenges, priorities, and practices at organizations with 1,500 or fewer employees.

The findings have been published in this report, which uncovers:

  • The skills HR leaders struggle with most and how it’s perceived by senior leadership
  • What consumes most of HR’s day and how they can free up their time
  • How most HR professionals use people analytics and what they could do differently
  • Which function places the biggest burden on HR and how they can get help

Explore a range of topics that are top-of-mind for HR leaders like you and discover which actions can lead to meaningful change in the workplace. Read the report today!

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The State of the HR Function in Small to Mid-sized Businesses