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UKG Workforce Central in the Cloud

Get in-depth information about how UKG Workforce Central™ application(s) and databases are maintained at a world-class data center with multiple levels of security and redundancy in our UKG Workforce Central in the Cloud technical paper.

UKG Workforce Central in the Cloud

UKG Workforce Central provides the complete automation and high-quality information you need to help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity. But the solution can deliver continuous value only if it is available and managed properly over time. That’s why more and more customers are choosing the UKG Private Cloud for deploying their workforce management solution. With UKG Workforce Central in the Cloud, your organization gets 24/7 access to applications over the web without having to purchase additional hardware, operating systems, of RDBMS licenses. You also gain valuable peace of mind knowing that experienced UKG™ technical consultants are managing your workforce management applications and employee data.

Explore details about the UKG Private Cloud including:

  • Data center infrastructure, network connectivity, data communications, and more
  • System backup and recovery, security policies, and data and application integration
  • Technical support, certifications, and SLA policies and management

Download this informative technical paper and learn how you can achieve your workforce management goals without exceeding capital equipment budgets or overburdening IT staff.