UKG Clinical Scheduling Extensions

Schedules that support your mission to deliver uncompromised care

See how these add-on modules provide enhanced clinical functionality that quantifies workload intensity, and enables the equitable and safe distribution of the workload through automated patient-to-staff assignment — increasing both patient and employee satisfaction.

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UKG Clinical Scheduling Extensions, when combined with UKG Advanced Scheduler, can help you forecast volume and create and manage schedules that factor in employee skills, licensure, experience, and preferences as well as the workload of the patient.

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Assess and validate workload and staffing levels so you can generate patient assignments that match demand for care and clinical labor supply.

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Empower managers with targeted intelligence and critical information that can guide staffing decisions and help them maximize shift productivity.

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Get the information you need to match nursing resources to actual patient flow to enhance your quality of care and provide scheduling predictability for your staff.

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Make in-the-moment decisions supported by real-time data and analysis of staffing needs based on current volume patient workload.

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Meet staff-to-patient ratios, legislative and disclosure requirements, and maintain auditable records.

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Integrate with electronic health records (EHRs) to automate individual patient-classification levels to provide current, reliable data for workload quantification and assign patients based on the skills and proficiencies of the nursing staff.

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“Acuity-based staffing is imperative to meeting our goals and making sure we have the right staff and number of staff for the right types of patients. And we’re able to give nurses a flexible schedule while making sure we have what we need to meet our patient needs.”

Danielle Mahon, Healthcare Informaticist
Billings Clinic
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