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Our automated time and labor tracking program is specifically designed for government contractors — to keep your workforce on task, on time, and compliant with DCAA audit requirements.

Workforce Autotime

All that’s included

Designed for the defense and aerospace industries, UKG AutoTime is a comprehensive workforce management solution designed to accurately track product labor costs for work orders and projects, assess work in progress, and measure employee performance.

Automatic Timekeeping

Integrated timesheets display all payroll and labor information in a single screen, and automatically reconciles all time and labor charges.                                                                         

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Detailed Labor Tracking

Keep tabs on where work was performed, who performed it, and what each employee accomplished, with automatic and continuous updates of detailed labor data to the ERP system.

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Easily Process Payroll

Discover the most powerful payroll engine out there, which accurately calculates total hours and premium classifications earned by each employee, and automatically transmits payroll information to the payroll provider.

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Quote for Autotime

"At UKG, we understand the complex workforce management and compliance requirements aerospace and government contractors face, and we have developed UKG AutoTime to specifically address those growing pressures.”

Jim King
Principal Product Manager | UKG
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