UKG TeleStaff Cloud — Automated Scheduling & Notification

Ensure citizen safety with fair and equitable scheduling

Our intelligent, automated workforce management technology incorporates rules, policies, and procedures to conduct complex employee scheduling in a consistent, documented, equitable, and auditable manner. 

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UKG TeleStaff

All that’s included

Balance the needs of your people with the demands of the job — and automate it all through a single platform. Over 1,000 customers trust UKG TeleStaff™ Cloud to quickly backfill open positions with candidates who are qualified, certified, and available to work.

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One platform, one experience

Simplify complex processes and consolidate efforts with a solution that helps you schedule, manage, bid, and more.

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Dynamic scheduling

Automatically build and maintain optimal, best-fit schedules with multiple shifts and positions.

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Employee self-service

Empower employees by giving them access and transparency to calendars, time-off requests, sign-ups, shift trades, and picklists.

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Instant Employee Insight

View personalized and up-to-date employee data, including bid preferences, skills, certifications, and real-time schedules.

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Extra Duty Event Scheduling

Easily plan and create ad-hoc or non-standard shift schedules with this valuable add-on feature.

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Built-in Compliance

Automate union, organization, and HR rules and policies to reduce exposure to compliance liability and safety risks.

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Instant Communication for Immediate Action

Deliver updates and other messages to your workforce on-the-fly and deploy resources faster and easier by eliminating manual calling — all from your mobile device.

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Automated Vacation Bidding

Generate, conduct, and award time-off bids fairly and efficiently, to reduce manual administrative workload.

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The full power of UKG TeleStaff Cloud scheduling rules with the depth of UKG Pro Workforce Management accrual balances.

UKG TeleStaff

“Our staffers are now working much smarter than ever before. TeleStaff does everything we expected and more.”

Roland K. Hamann
Administrative Services Manager ǀ Douglas County Department of Corrections
UKG TeleStaff customer quote

“UKG TeleStaff, where have you been all my life? A software package that handles all the issues, so you don’t have to…and makes everyone play by the same rules. It works!”

George W. Polnar
Chief of Police ǀ Monroeville Police Department
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