UKG InTouch DX

UKG InTouch DX

A reimagined time clock for the modern workforce

The UKG InTouch DX™ time clock empowers both employees and managers to work productively, with an easy-to-use interface that helps them do their jobs better.
Clock in smarter

InTouch DX provides the usability and personalization features that today’s employees expect, while delivering built-in intelligence to highlight issues and tasks that require immediate attention.

Future-ready hardware

The InTouch DX is designed for how people work today - and tomorrow -with a slim profile that reflects the latest in modern consumer electronics.

Faster Interactions

Put convenience first for your employees with personalized interface options and intelligent software that combines related actions and anticipates the user’s next tasks.

Intelligent Software

Once you interact with the UKG TouchFree ID™ dual-camera technology, there’s no need to reintroduce yourself. The system never forgets a face — and even remembers each employee’s features and height.

Intelligence in a time clock that puts convenience first

UKG TouchFree ID provides the touch-free, people-focused features that fit the way employees work today - and recognises everyone in your workforce.


Quickly punch in and out and easily navigate to schedules, time-off requests, and timecards - all from one screen.


Get one-stop access to frequently used self-service transactions to request time off, view accruals, swap shifts, and more.


Provide access and interaction for all employees when mounted at the required height to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Engage your diverse, multilingual workforce with ‘preferred language’ selections supported by UKG Dimensions™.

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