Customer Service in Higher Education

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Enrollment and retention are the end all and be all of a university's success at institutions across the country. And while there are many strategies and theories on the best way to achieve it, one thing is for certain: a “customizable” student experience and excellent campus customer service are a necessity for institutions today.

In fact, 23% of students will leave a college or transfer to another institution due to the perception of poor service, making it one of the leading causes of attrition from universities and colleges.

Campus services such as health clinics, financial aid, and academic advisors all have an impact on how a student perceives the customer value of a university. By leveraging tools that create efficiencies around offering these services, institutions can enhance the overall customer service experience that they are providing.

With the UKG Appointments solution, students can easily schedule virtual, phone, or in-person appointments from their smartphones, tablets, or computers via a university's website or student portal. You can improve students’ experiences and manage the workload in your administrative offices. This comprehensive solution provides your counselors with valuable insights to help them assign staffing resources appropriately, ensuring optimal service levels.


Additionally, the UKG Lobby solution enables your lobby sign-in process to meet and exceed student demand. Students can sign in ahead of their visit on their mobile device or upon arrival via tablet or self-service kiosk.

They then can select the service they need assistance with and monitor individual wait times. Now visiting the office is easier and less stressful, boosting student satisfaction and managing staff frustration.

Students can even see lobby wait times before they ever set foot in your administrative offices by checking the times remotely. UKG Lobby lets you quickly add remote wait time viewing to your university’s website or student portal, allowing students to remotely check-in and receive text alerts when it’s their turn for service.



By leveraging solutions like UKG Appointment and UKG Lobby, campuses across the U.S. can better manage student serving departments creating efficiencies as well as saving time and costs by freeing up staff to work on other important tasks.