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2023 Priorities for HR and Payroll in the Public Sector

As we wrap up 2022, review five essential priorities for HR professionals in the public sector in 2023.
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The Top 4 HR Challenges in Higher Education

UKG research reveals that HR professionals in higher education are spending too much time on tasks that could be automated using efficient software solutions. Here, we unpack the challenges.
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Workforce Management

Customer Service in Higher Education

Campus services such as health clinics, financial aid, and academic advisors all have an impact on how a student perceives the customer value of a university. By leveraging tools that create efficiencies around offering these services, institutions can enhance the overall customer service experience that they are providing.
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Three Best Practices for Hiring Diverse Faculty and Staff in Higher Education

Hiring with diversity and inclusion as a priority will make an impact on your educational institution in positive ways. 
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Thanking Our Educators During Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers, thank you for your commitment to our students regardless of the circumstances. Thank you for your creative and engaging lessons that inspire students to discover their passions. Thank you for never giving up on the students who need you the most. Thank you for everything. This week, May 3-7, please help us give our teachers the recognition they deserve.
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Higher Ed’s Top IT Issues: Restore, Evolve, Transform

EDUCAUSE has released its Top IT Issues of 2021. This ever-popular report produced each year helps institutions prioritize their goals, projects, and budgets. This year, they took a different approach and focused on how the role of technology will affect pandemic recovery.