A Day in the Life of a Teacher: Where User Experience and K-12 Education Intersect


Now more than ever, the employee experience — specifically, how an employee feels while interacting with a product — plays an integral role in products and services utilized by all K-12 districts. It is critical that districts look at how they can enhance the employee experience, and it is equally important that companies design product offerings tailored for the K-12 user.  

K-12 staffing challenges have intensified over the past couple of years. Based on a recent survey conducted, it was noted that nearly four in five districts (77%) tracked an unexpected increase in teacher retirements, and two-thirds (65%) struggled to retain educators. Technology is needed to create a competitive and rewarding experience sought by today’s generation and top talent. Public schools are overdue for technology upgrades and synchronization across various departments and platforms that are utilized. The survey also revealed that 67% of central office administrators believe their districts lack critical functions and technology to support HR and other back-office processes.

To illustrate the positive change and flexibility that technology can provide, let’s imagine a typical day in a life of a teacher, Melissa, along with Sadie, who works as a substitute for the district. 

6:30 am

  • After getting ready and packing lunches, Melissa has breakfast with her family before seeing her children off to the school bus stop. 
  • While discussing the day ahead and the kids talking about what is happening at school, Melissa’s husband, Dave, reminds her of an afternoon doctor’s appointment.
  • Melissa and Dave are expecting their third child and it is time for an ultrasound, so Angela immediately picks up her phone and puts her half sick day in the UKG-integrated Red Rover mobile app.

7:30 am

  • Melissa arrives at her school and checks in using a UKG device, which recognizes that she has arrived in the building.
  • She gets a notification on her phone that her half-day has been picked up by Sadie and is relieved that the afternoon is covered for her doctor’s appointment.
  • The bell rings, and her students arrive to start the day with their math assignment.

9:00 am

  • Melissa’s students head to PE, and while her students are away she responds to some emails from parents. She receives a notification on her phone that the pay period ended last week, and she needs to approve her timecard.
  • Melissa logs in to UKG on her Chromebook and reviews her timecard to see all her daily check-ins, along with her absences that came over from Red Rover.
  • She simply clicks “Approve” and her timecard is sent to the liaison at the school that works with payroll.

11:30 am

  • Sadie arrives at the school for her half-day assignment and clocks in using a UKG device.
  • She goes to the classroom, and Melissa reviews the lesson plan for the afternoon.
  • Melissa departs for her doctor’s appointment in excitement to see their new baby for the first time.

2:00 pm

  • Melissa and Dave finish at the doctor’s appointment, and Angela heads back to the school for her afternoon tutoring duties.

3:00 pm

  • The bell rings, and students go to the bus and car line to head home.
  • Sadie clocks out on her app, says goodbye to the other teachers, and heads out to her car.
  • Sadie logs in to UKG and requests her $75 pay immediately, since the school district now offers on-demand pay options to their employees and substitutes.

3:30 pm

  • Melissa arrives back at the school, clocks in using a UKG device, and chooses her tutoring pay assignment where she earns an additional $20 an hour.

5:00 pm

  • Melissa finishes with her tutoring students and clocks out to end her extra duty pay assignment.
  • Since her school is a Title I school, Angela logs in to UKG and completes her time and effort report in the system.
  • Melissa can seamlessly attest to the time to ensure that her school grant dollars are secure for future opportunities for her students.

In just one day, Melissa was able enter an absence, secure a substitute, check in for the day, approve her timecard, earn extra pay for tutoring, and complete her time and effort reporting — all from the palm of her hand or at her desk with ease. Sadie was able to be notified, scheduled, and paid for her half-day assignment seamlessly and effortlessly.  

Studies have shown that nearly 50% of employees might leave their jobs if their employers do not provide flexible work options and technology. This means K-12 leaders must look for technology to improve the employee experience. Obtaining and retaining teachers are critical to the success and education of our students. With technology tailored for education, UKG recognizes where the user experience and K-12 intersect. These tools deliver on UKG’s promise to connect people and technology in ways that truly help districts guide and support each employee. Student success relies on every employee.

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