UKG for K-12 Education helps create time and attendance efficiencies so you spend less time on administrative processes and more time on academics, programs — and nurturing your students.

Below is a deep dive into some of the amazing features of UKG for K-12 that can help you manage and simplify your most critical workforce issues, including personnel activity reporting, extra-duty time, compliance risk, and sub time.

Make Whole/Unplanned Late Start or Early Dismissal

When schools close or early or starts are delayed, employees may not fully meet that day’s designated work hours. Identifying everyone affected and manually calculating the shortages can be time-consuming and lead to inaccuracies. UKG for K-12 lets you “make everyone whole” with just one click, making the correct calculations for each employee to ensure they’re not penalized.

Substitute Management

Managing substitutes and teacher absences can be tricky — and using disparate, disconnected systems to track that time can create serious inefficiencies. UKG for K-12 provides top-notch workforce management that now includes substitute management in a single system, so there’s no need to enter absences twice or for reconciliation.

Extra Duty & Supplemental Pay

Extra duty or supplemental positions are often paid at different rates and from various budgets, and can require supervisor approvals over many different portions. Processing these multiple timesheets and approvals manually can lead to chaos. UKG for K-12 allows users to one complete timesheet in the system that can then be broken out for necessary approvals for easier pay calculations.


Handling allocations of teaching units manually is a labor-intensive process that relies on a single data source that can be difficult to share. The UKG for K-12 single, unified platform allows HR to manage the positions and helps principals run actual vs. budget for allocations and special revenue funding.

Personnel Activity Reporting

When your school district’s Title 1 funding is on the line, you need to ensure that your personnel reporting is “up to PAR.” UKG for K-12 automates the PAR process to help you track activity and comply with PAR federal guidelines easily and accurately — and is approved by the DOE for electronic tracking and signatures.

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