At UKG, security is everyone's responsibility

People working together

Editor's note: At UKG®, we ensure security to your door 24/7 as your partner for life. Please enjoy this brief snapshot of how important security is here at UKG. – Holly Bouffard, director, customer marketing

As part of National Privacy Week, the Working Smarter Café had the opportunity to sit with Scott Howitt, our chief digital officer, and Mustapha Kebbeh, our chief security officer, to talk about security. Here are our top takeaways from the conversation. 

  • As the chief digital officer and the chief security officer at UKG, we believe security is everyone's responsibility. We have the immense honor of keeping UKG, our customers, and our partners safe. It's our commitment to continuously research security best practices and partner with industry-leading cybersecurity firms to ensure our employees, customers, and partners know all the ways we provide safety at UKG.
  • Our best-in-class partners include the Google Cloud Platform™ service, Mandiant, Inc., and Accenture, to name a few. Speaking of the partnership, check out our Aspire replay from our session with Google, which is all about security and protecting the castle. 
  • Transparency and trust. Our Transparency page is the home for data privacy and protection practices at UKG.

The main takeaway from the conversation is that security is everyone's responsibility, from ensuring you lock your door at night to keeping your people's data safe, as we do 24/7 at UKG.

For more information, visit the Transparency Site — home to our data privacy and protection practices. Here you'll find the UKG Transfer Impact Statement, new standard contractual clauses, a list of subprocessors, and a history of law enforcement requests, in addition to our Data Processing Agreements, applicable when personal data is processed by UKG for customers and by suppliers and partners for UKG.