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Seven UKG Ready Enhancements You Don’t Want to Miss

The June release is coming, and it’s bringing new enhancements that will allow your organization to save time, more easily communicate with your employees, and explore your data in new ways. Get a sneak peek now of what enhancements will be coming to your solution!
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World Creativity and Innovation Day with UKG Ready

Did you know that April 21 is World Creativity and Innovation Day? Discover how you can use the new dashboard experience to build creative and innovative dashboards for your organization to leverage. 
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A new UKG Ready feature to put a spring in your step is coming!

New feature alert! To help administrators troubleshoot their employees’ system-related issues, your UKG Ready® solution will soon include a new Login As Employee feature. Explore how this feature will help your internal processes and review configuration steps.
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April Showers bring May Flowers ... or in this case UKG Ready Feature Enhancements

The April release is coming, and it’s bringing new enhancements for your organization to take advantage of. See what enhancements you can look forward to and how you might use them in your day-to-day!
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Preparing your organization for the UKG Ready classic dashboard retirement

It’s official — the classic dashboard experience is retiring in June 2023. Discover what this means for your organization.
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UKG + TurboTax = Easy Tax Prep for You and Your People

Taxes are a drag, but tax time doesn’t have to be! See how UKG and TurboTax work together to make U.S. tax prep simple for you and your employees
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Nine UKG Ready Enhancements to Fall in Love with this February

Brad Nycz, UKG Ready Executive Relationship Director and former customer, is at it again! Check out the enhancements he’s chosen to highlight from the upcoming UKG Ready February release. Follow along and see how you may use these enhancements today.
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At UKG, security is everyone's responsibility

Scott Howitt, Chief Digital Officer, and Mustapha Kebbeh, Chief Security Office at UKG offer insights into the initiatives that provide 24/7 security to your door at UKG. Follow along to learn more.

Kick off the New Year with These ACA Resources

It’s the new year and time to set those resolutions — and make them count! So why not add completing a successful ACA year-end to that? Explore these ACA resources to help make this New Year’s resolution an easy one to check off your list.
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Two UKG Ready Features Bound to Make the Top of Your Organization’s Wish List

This month, Working Smarter Café is all about giving! Today, as a gift from us to you, discover two of the latest UKG Ready workforce management enhancements your employees have been wishing for.