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Take a Trip Down the UKG Pro Talent Roadmap Recap

If you couldn’t attend our recent UKG Pro Talent Roadmap Review, check out the highlights here!
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Efficiency Tips for Adding Workforce Management Capabilities

From one customer to another, learn how Eskaton Properties discovered ways to be more efficient once they added UKG Dimensions capabilities to their UKG product suite.

Introducing the UKG Pro solution Learning Lineup

Get familiar with the extensive UKG Pro training offerings with our new UKG Pro Learning Lineup, which highlights training courses to help you use your solution most effectively.

Navigating the World of Release Notes

As the instructional manual for your UKG solutions, Release Notes document major new features and how to use them, as well as smaller tweaks to existing functionality. Discover where to find them, when you should check them, and how to search for specific topics so you never miss a critical update.

UKG certified under the E.U.-U.S. Data Privacy Framework

UKG is now a certified organization under the new E.U.-U.S. Data Privacy Framework. See what this means for you.
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Dive into Four New Employee Pay Features

Swim to new heights with new UKG Pro Employee Pay features. Dive into four new features to see what they are, where you can find them, and how you can use them.
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Introducing the UKG Pro Report Rundown

Get familiar with robust, built-in reporting capabilities with our new quarterly UKG Pro Report Rundown, which will highlight reports to help you manage your workforce more efficiently. 
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Easily View Tax Liabilities in the Payment Services Gateway

A new UKG Pro Payment Services feature is here! Read on to see what it is, where you can find it, and how you can use it to stay on top of your tax filing data.
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Manage performance goals with the UKG Pro People Analytics solution

Your UKG Pro® People Analytics solution contains five reports that will help with your goal setting process for performance reviews. And when the review process starts, you can use the solution’s Performance Management Dashboard to ensure everyone stays on track.
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The Top 5 of your UKG Pro Spring Release upgrade

Explore the top new features and enhancements coming soon with your Spring Release upgrade!