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Introducing the UKG Pro Report Rundown

Get familiar with robust, built-in reporting capabilities with our new quarterly UKG Pro Report Rundown, which will highlight reports to help you manage your workforce more efficiently. 
Working Smarter Café

Easily View Tax Liabilities in the Payment Services Gateway

A new UKG Pro Payment Services feature is here! Read on to see what it is, where you can find it, and how you can use it to stay on top of your tax filing data.
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Manage performance goals with the UKG Pro People Analytics solution

Your UKG Pro® People Analytics solution contains five reports that will help with your goal setting process for performance reviews. And when the review process starts, you can use the solution’s Performance Management Dashboard to ensure everyone stays on track.
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The Top 5 of your UKG Pro Spring Release upgrade

Explore the top new features and enhancements coming soon with your Spring Release upgrade!
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UKG + TurboTax = Easy Tax Prep for You and Your People

Taxes are a drag, but tax time doesn’t have to be! See how UKG and TurboTax work together to make U.S. tax prep simple for you and your employees
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UKG Pro February Webinar Roundup: Register to Become the Pro in UKG Pro

Fall in love with your UKG Pro solution with February’s lineup of webinars.
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At UKG, security is everyone's responsibility

Scott Howitt, Chief Digital Officer, and Mustapha Kebbeh, Chief Security Office at UKG offer insights into the initiatives that provide 24/7 security to your door at UKG. Follow along to learn more.

UKG Pro January Webinar Roundup: Register to Become the Pro in UKG Pro

New year, new learning opportunities. Set yourself up for success by attending one of our first webinars of 2023.
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A Gift that Keeps on Giving! Helpful UKG Pro Resources Wrapped in a Bow

Our UKG expert provides her top three powerhouse resources for UKG Pro information, training, and support. Read on to see how these resources can help make your 2023 merry and bright!

New UKG Ultimate Community Leader Program: 2022 Winners Announced

Learn about our new UKG Ultimate Community Leader program and see which customers are being recognized this year as top contributors to the UKG Ultimate Community!