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Amplify Your Expertise at the UKG Virtual Huddle

Find out what you can look forward to at the upcoming UKG Virtual Huddle on June 26. Be sure to register today!

Empowering Employees Through UKG Pro WFM Employee Self-Service

An Innovation Award winner shares how her organization is using Employee Self-Service to drive employee engagement and satisfaction and how you can too. 

UKG Pro Workforce Management Report Rundown: Time Reporting

Dive into four time reports to help you manage your employees’ time activities.

LifeSpire of Virginia cuts through data madness with goal-oriented home pages

Learn how LifeSpire of Virginia customized their UKG Pro Workforce Management™ solution home screen to improve timecard approvals by driving manager accountability and decreasing pay errors for hourly employees.

UKG Pro Workforce Management Report Rundown: Unveiling Insights into Employee Attendance

Explore three UKG Pro Workforce Management attendance reports that will give your managers a look into employee attendance.

Five Tips to Knock Your Payroll Year-End Processes Out of the Park

Year-end can be stressful, but feeling prepared can make all the difference. Explore five tips that will help make the process feel like you hit a grand slam. 

Giving you the keys to prepare for the R9 Update 4 Release

The UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly known as UKG Dimensions®) R9 Update 4 release is around the corner, and now is the time to start preparing. The new release will be delivered to solutions from September to November 2023. Read on for release readiness tips and a sneak peek into a few R9 Update 4 features you can expect to see.
Working Smarter Café

Efficiency Tips for Adding Workforce Management Capabilities

From one customer to another, learn how Eskaton Properties discovered ways to be more efficient once they added UKG Dimensions capabilities to their UKG product suite.

Learning Lineup: Making the most of your UKG Dimensions Data

Learn more about the UKG Dimensions Learning Lineup, which recommends UKG Community™ University courses that will help set you up for success to use your workforce management solution to its full capability. 

Navigating the World of Release Notes

As the instructional manual for your UKG solutions, Release Notes document major new features and how to use them, as well as smaller tweaks to existing functionality. Discover where to find them, when you should check them, and how to search for specific topics so you never miss a critical update.