Top UKG Year-End Resources to Help You Cross the Finish Line


Two seemingly harmless words. Seven letters in total. But when put together with a little hyphen, they have the potential to add hours (and headaches) to your workweek — Year-End.

If you’re a payroll professional, these words can be daunting and a little bit dread-worthy. But if you’re properly prepared and armed with the right resources, they don’t need to be.

We know year-end payroll is a big lift in general under completely normal circumstances, and it’s even more so now during these still-irregular times. But we’re here to help, and your UKG™ solution is equipped to get you through it. In addition to your solution’s built-in capabilities, we’ve compiled plenty of resources to help you navigate this process, including year-end resource pages with critical information, dates, and planning guides for you to leverage; year-end webinars for you to attend; and year-end payroll groups for you to join in the UKG® Kronos Community.

Whether you are using the UKG Workforce Central®, UKG Ready™, UKG Dimensions™ Human Capital Management (HCM), or UKG Pro™ solution, we have you covered when it comes to managing year-end payroll.


Year-End Blog

UKG Workforce Central

UKG Ready

UKG Dimensions

UKG Payroll Services

  • Collaborate with the UKG Payroll Services team, ask questions, and receive timely announcements in the UKG Payroll Services group
  • Download the Year-End Payroll Services Guide
  • Bookmark the UKG Payroll Services Resource Center for critical information for year-end and beyond


As you’re the payroll professional in your organization, we know you’re also responsible for the seasonal workforce that’s joining your team this time of year. We’ve got you covered; our Seasonal Employee Resource Center is filled with information on handling this influx of employees, including 3 payroll best practices to manage your seasonal workforce.