Centralized staffing and scheduling

Shape the future of healthcare delivery

Deliver fair and equitable schedules

The pandemic quickly uncovered the labor resource allocation challenges organizations have struggled with for years — mostly due to lack of visibility. It’s now clear that strategies of the past will no longer work in the organization of the future. Streamline processes, improve accuracy of data and reporting, and reduce administrative burden on operational leaders.

Gain valuable insights with helpful resources

Leverage the resources below to learn how centralized staffing and scheduling can help you deliver fair and equitable schedules across all care units and settings — today and into the future.

Optimizing Talent with an Internal Staffing Agency

Discover how HCM and WFM technologies empower healthcare organizations to build and manage an internal staffing agency to address critical staffing challenges.

Centralized Healthcare Scheduling and Staffing

Healthcare organizations need scheduling solutions to best manage staffing resources. The UKG Clinician Council provides customer insight on the ideal model.

Centralized Healthcare Scheduling and Staffing

Centralized Staffing with UKG Video

More effectively and efficiently schedule your healthcare labor resources.

Optimizing Healthcare Resource Planning and Allocation

Optimizing Healthcare Resource Planning and Allocation

Healthcare needs to more effectively and efficiently use labor resources and recruit talent. COVID-19 has shown the importance of having the right staff in the right place at the right time.

A Structure to Centralized Staffing Success

Examine how proper workforce management governance can help to foster employee engagement and sustainable practices to achieve success in today’s landscape.

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